Mobizen: cool Android screen sharing utility

I just discovered Mobizen, a cool and free utility that let you display Android devices screens on a Windows or Mac desktop.  This is handy when doing Xamarin presentations with a physical device.

Here's the marketing video:

And the "How to Setup" video:


Glimpse intro

Here's a nice intro article by Rick Anderson on how to integrate Glimpse into your ASP.NET MVC apps.

Xamarin: Migrating to the Unified API

Xamarin has produce a nice 20 minutes video explaining what is their new Unified API and how to migrate your existing monotouch code to it.  Click here to watch

Visual Studio Talk Show: Devenir conférencier technique

Nous discutons avec Eric De Carufel de la conférence ConFoo qui se déroulera à Montréal du 16 au 20 février 2015. Un évènement d'envergure mondial auquel les deux animateurs ainsi que l'invité ont été sélectionnés comme conférencier. Nous profitons de l'occasion pour partager avec les auditeurs nos trucs et astuces pour devenir conférencier technique.

Passionné, impliqué et minutieux sont des qualités qui décrivent bien Éric De Carufel pour qui le développement logiciel est une quête constante d'amélioration pour atteindre l'équilibre entre la perfection et les besoins du client. Son approche est simple : élaborer une architecture logicielle où il est plus facile d'appliquer les bonnes pratiques que les mauvaises. Son implication en tant que conférencier et blogueur est reconnue par Microsoft, qui, depuis 2009, lui a décerné le prix de 'Most Valuable Professional' avec Visual C# (MVP C#).

Android Emulator: Installing Google Play Services

I was running a Xamarin demo app but it failed because the Google Play services were not installed in the Xamarin and Genymotion emulators.  Fortunately, Xamarin has published step by step instructions on how to solve this problem.

Better Know a Carl Franklin

After doing the remix thing on Richard Campbell, someone asked on Twitter if Carl Franklin would be next. Well, guess what?  If you're a .NET Rocks listener, you certainly know the theme song for the "Better Know a Framework" segment.  Here's my version...

Samples were taken from .NET Rocks show #1081
Better Know a Framework melody by Carl Franklin.

Xbox One: adding an external drive

With all games now installing on the Xbox One, I was approaching the limit of my internal 500GB drive.  The good news is that it's super easy to add more space by plugging in a standard USB drive with these minimum requirements:

  • Must be 256GB and more
  • USB 3.0

Here's Larry Hryb, Xbox Live's Major Nelson, explaining how this works:

Should you buy a fast expensive drive?  Not according to who did a benchmark.  A standard $100 2TB 5400 USB 3.0 drive will be almost as fast as a SSD drive.

Blank Mac OS X app store

For the last few days, the Mac App Store app on my MacBook Air was partially blank.  The home page was loading correctly but each section or product click ended up with a blank page.  A quick search revealed that this is a common issue with that app and tons of solutions and workaround exist.  Mine was very simple...launch iTunes and click on a product then start Mac App Store and bingo!  Weird.

Blu Win HD on Rogers


Bought a Blu Win HD phone when it was $50 off on the Microsoft store last week.  I took a Rogers SIM and and everything worked except that I had no Internet connection on the Rogers network.  After a few minutes of trying different settings, I figured out that you need to manually enter the APN settings.

On your phone go to: Settings > Cellular+SIM > SIM Settings > Edit Internet APN

  • APN:
  • User name: wapuser1
  • Password: wap
  • IP type: IPv4


Protect Yourself Against Tech Support Scams

Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit has published this video explaining what is the tech support scam currently going on and how to protect yourself.  Make sure you share this one with your family and friends.

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