Débogage magique avec OzCode - webinaire en français

Le mercredi 11 mars à 10h00 heure de l’est (GMT-5), j’animerais le premier webinaire en français sur OzCode.  Lors de ce webinaire, je vais vous montrer quelques-unes des meilleures fonctionnalités de OzCode. Vous apprendrez comment utiliser OzCode afin d’améliorer vos sessions de débogage et ainsi, trouver les erreurs et corriger beaucoup plus rapidement. 

Le public cible est tous les développeurs .NET qui ont déjà passé du temps dans le débogueur. Inscrivez-vous au webinaire mais dépêchez-vous, le nombre de places est limité.

Visual Studio Talk Show: Visual Studio Online

Nous discutons avec Michel Perfetti et Guillaume Rouchon de Visual Studio Online, la version sur le cloud de Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS). Entres autres, ils racontent les avantages de ce service en ligne très abordable. 

Michel Perfetti, marseillais d'origine, est manager du pole ALM à Cellenza. Il travaille depuis 2006 sur les problématiques d'industrialisation avec la plateforme Microsoft. Michel est MVP depuis 2006 et MVP Visual Studio ALM depuis 2010. Michel intervient en tant que consultant sur des problématiques d'architecture ou développement ainsi que des problématiques liées aux méthodologies de travail et l'agilité.

Guillaume Rouchon est consultant pour la société Cellenza. Il travaille en informatique depuis 13 ans et intervient actuellement en tant qu'architecte logiciel et expert sur la plateforme Visual Studio ALM.

Bonne écoute !

Microsoft MWC 2015 press conference

At Mobile World Congress 2015, Microsoft announced the Lumia 640 and 640XL.  They also did a couple of cool demos, one demonstrating Windows 10 Project Spartan integration across platforms.


Watch the keynote here

Microsoft's Productivity Future Vision

In an amazing video, Microsoft explore how could emerging technology transform the way get things done 5-10 years in the future.  Watch it here

OneDrive API

Microsoft announced today the release of the OneDrive API.  That looks promising!

Ditching the server, going NAS all the way!

Last week after a power outage, my home server C: drive died.  The server was an old mini desktop with slow Celeron CPU and an annoying loud fan along and was serving two purposes: file server and running CrashPlan.  My backup strategy with CrashPlan was to back up in the cloud and to a second hard drive.  A few months ago, I bought a new ASUS RT-AC68U router that has two USB port where you can plug external USB drives and I was thinking of using it as a NAS instead of my old server but why fix what's not broken, right?  Well now that it's broken, why not do it!  :-)

So I plugged two Seagate 3GB external drive in the router.  The one acting as the main files share drive in the router's USB 3 port and the second one in the router's USB 2 port.  The second one would act as a backup drive.

I copied my files to the main drive and configured the router to act as "network place", a DLNA media server and a iTunes server.

In Windows, things can't get simpler as you see the router as a network device in File Explorer so it's easy to map a drive letter to a folder.

I decided to installed CrashPlan on my main desktop because it is always on.  Setting it up  was more challenging because CrashPlan does not see network shares but there's an easy solution, simply create a directory symbolic link using the Mklink.exe Windows utility.

mklink /d "c:\backup" \\nas\sharename

This way, CrashPlan can see the network folder.  So I configured it with my paid account to backup the main drive to the cloud AND to backup to the local backup drive.  This way, I have two copies: one local and one in the Cloud.  I also configured it to backup this desktop to the backup drive.  For the other computers, I also installed CrashPlan but since I backup these ones only to the local backup drive, I don't need to have a paid account for each of these.  Sweet!

Now do I backup the computers' backups?  I see two possible ways, from my main desktop I can backup the backups in the cloud or I can backup them on a local external drive that I would plug on that computer.  Not sure yet.

As for the media files, every device is happy seeing the music, the videos and the pictures either directly from the network shares or from DNLA or an iTunes library.

This works for me and may not work for you as your needs may differ from mines however, I can say that I'm super happy with CrashPlan and my ASUS RT-AC68U.


Visual Studio 2015 CTP6, TFS 2015 CTP1, ASP.NET 5

Microsoft announced yesterday the release of Visual Studio 2015 CTP6 and TFS 2015 CTP1 and ScottGu provided more information on ASP.NET 6.  

Get all the news here:

Learning map for Azure Websites

Microsoft has published a very useful and cool guidance tool for Azure Websites.  The learning map provides links to content in a structured way.

Xamarin.Forms 1.3 new features

Xamarin.Forms 1.3 release included many enhancements and fixes.  Here's the recording of Craig Dunn's Webinar covering Styles, Triggers, Behaviors, Application Lifecycle, and much more.

Carl Franflin's Music to Code By

Carl Franklin, co-host of .NET Rocks, has created some nice music to help you get into the zone when you code.  You can sample and pre-order the CD from Carl's Website.


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