Visual Studio Talk Show: Conrérence Xamarin Evolve 2014

Guy et Laurent Duveau reviennent tout juste de la conférence Xamarin Evolve qui s'est tenue à Atlanta la semaine du 6 octobre 2014.  Ils nous feront un compte rendu des annonces et des nouveautés dans le monde des applications mobiles avec la plate forme Xamarin.

MSDEVMTL: Retour sur la conférence Xamarin Evolve 2014

J'ai eu la chance d'assister à la conférence Evolve 2014 de Xamarin avec Laurent Duveau avec qui je ferais un survol des nouveautés qui y ont été annoncées à MSDEVMTL le lundi 20 octobre 2014.

The PCL (correctly pronounced as Pickles) Song

Here's a quick tune I made with FLStudio with voice clips of Miguel de Icaza explaining how to correctly pronounce PCL (Portable Class Libraries) and Nuget at the Xamarin Evolve 2014 keynote presentation.

Blu Win HD now available in Canada

Blu's Win HD phone is now available in the Canadian Microsoft Store.  This looks like a great budget phone especially for developers since it's unlocked.

Here's Windows Phone Central unboxing and first impression video:

Here's a quick feature compare with the Lumia 830 on

Deploying to an Android emulator from VS in VMWare

One of the pain point of Android development is the slow and anemic Google emulator.  It is just terrible.  Better and faster solutions exists like the Genymotion Android emulator that runs on VirtualBox.  At Evolve 2014, Xamarin announced the release of their own emulator also running in VirtualBox.  It is currently in preview and will be free for Xamarin customers.

I installed it on my MacBook Air OS X host and wanted to deploy and debug apps from Visual Studio running in a Windows VMWare virtual machine.  Since it's possible to remotely connect to an Android emulator using its IP address using the Android ADB utility, the trick is to simply get that address.

Using Genymotion, it's quite simple: launch the emulator and the IP address is display in the title bar.

However, the Xamarin emulator doesn't display it in the title bar or even in the settings so you need to work a little bit more to find it.  On the host, open Xamarin Studio and select Open Android SDK Command Prompt... from the Tools menu.

In the command prompt, type:

adb shell
ifconfig eth0

 The IP address will be displayed:

Now switch to Visual Studio running in VMWare, start an Android project and from the Xamarin toolbar, click on the Start Android Adb Command Prompt button:

Next, type

Adb connect (replace with the IP address you found earlier)

Voilà!  The emulator is now listed and you can deploy and debug to it: 

Microsoft to build data centers in India

According to Bloomberg, the next Microsoft data centers wave will be built in India.

Windows 8 fixed?

Last December, a brilliant young entrepreneur from Montreal named Jay Machalani published an amazing design study where he suggested ways to fix Windows 8 design flaws.  10 months later, Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 and not surprisingly, many of Jay's suggestions found their way in the new design.  Nice!

Mario Cardinal and I recorded a podcast in French with Jay last April.

Introducing Windows 10


This morning, Microsoft announced Windows next version: Windows 10.  You can watch the 40 minutes press conference:

Read about Windows 10 new features on the Windows blog and watch a quick tour with Windows VP, Joe Belfiore:

Azure pricing updates

Last week, Microsoft announced new lower pricing on a number of services matching AWS pricing.  Competition is good for us customers!  Smile

BLU Windows phones available in Canada

BLU is a low cost phone manufacturer based in the USA.  They recently announced two Windows phone low cost devices, the BLU Win JR and the Win HD.  These are perfect for dev testing devices since they are unlocked and cheap.  Both are currently available on but shipping isn't possible to Canada however, the Canadian Microsoft Store is selling the JR for $89.  I guess that the HD will follow soon.

Here's Windows Phone Central unboxing video of the JR:

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