Bricked Nokia Lumia 900


I have a bricked Nokia Lumai 900 and I'm not happy about that.  Problems happened after the phone software was updated.  I powered off the computer and the phone and in the morning, the battery was totally drained and it’s just impossible to recover from a drained battery.  It seems like the phone tries to power back on repeatedly while at the early part of the charging cycle and drains the power right back out of the phone, then just repeats that cycle continuously.  Bad design if you ask me.


Canadian Tour: Windows 8 Hackathon!

Microsoft will tour Canada this summer with its App Building with Windows 8 Hackathon!, a free full day trainaing for developers where you will:

  • Spend 8 hours (see what we did there!) with other developers and designers learning about creating apps based on mini-scenarios from Microsoft evangelists as well as learn about the Windows Store. 
  • Have plenty of time to work on your own apps and have folks there to help answer questions you may have. We will keep presentations short so that you have more time to work on your app. 
  • Find out how you can get free guidance from a Microsoft engineer for your app who can help make sure you have built the best quality app and enable a smoother transition into the Windows Store.

The tour will stop during August in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.  Space is limited. Register today to secure your spot!


Wireless issues with my iPad

I upgraded my router to a D-Link DIR-857 yesterday.  Setup went smoothly but I had an issue with my iPad.  For some strange reason, I could browse the Intertube in Safari but no app would connect.  Turns out that the issue was that I selected WPA2 as the WPA mode.  Selecting Auto solved the issue.


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