Azure Virtual Machines talk follow-up

I talked about Azure Virtual Machines last Monday at the Montreal .NET Community.  A day later, one attendee tweeted this:

After my talk, he went to build some Azure VMs and set an AD server along with a second VM member of the AD.  Awesome André!

Fantastic prizes at the next .NET Saturday


Wow!  Laurent Duveau has outdone himself and got some fantastic prizes for the Montreal .NET Community next .NET Saturday on Windows 8, Windows Phone and Azure development that will take place on Saturday Feb 9, 2013.  Here's the list so far:

  • 2 Nokia Lumia 900 phones.  Yep, 2 phones!!!
  • 1 Nokia Premium Developer Program
  • 2 Telerik DevCraft Complete
  • 2 Telerik Windows 8 UI Controls
  • 2 Infragistics NetAdvantage Ultimate
  • Multiple Nokia backpacks
  • Multiple USB keys
  • A mountain of T-Shirts

This is a free event, you just need to be a paid member of the Montreal .NET Community ($25 for a full year of awesome presentations and events).  Register early to secure your spot.

Move over Windows Azure, here comes HP Cloud!

Move over Windows Azure, here comes HP Cloud!

HP Offers 'That Cloud Thing Everyone Is Talking About'

Eh eh Wink

Microsoft Home Use Program: Get Office 2013 for peanuts

If you work for a large organization that buys Microsoft Office thru the Software Assurance program, you can purchase a copy of Office 2013 Professional Plus for home use for as little as US$9.95 using the Microsoft Home Use Program.   Check with your employer to get the appropriate program code.

JavaScript memory leaks

I'm currently working on a system that displays information on a Google Maps map, this means lots of JavaScript coding.  In my first tests, I discovered that I was leaking memory like an open dam in the Spring.  If you search for "JavaScript memory leak" in the InterWeb, you'll find hundred of articles and blog posts on the subject.  My preferred one is from the JavaScript Tutorial Web site.  It's comprehensive, well written and easy to understand.

I was able to get rid of most memory leaks by:

  • Setting all unused objects to null
  • Setting properties that are objects to null before setting the complex object to null to break the chain of reference
  • In JQuery Ajax calls, setting the jqXHR object to null and also its jqXHR.onreadystatechange and jqXHR.abort events to break the chain of reference
  • Instead of having a function call itself in a window.setTimeout, call an external function, again to break the chain of reference

 My main AJAX call now looks like this:

myCode.prototype.refresh = function (reset) { 

   var me = this;

   // do stuff

   this.refreshData = $.ajax({
        url: url,
        dataType: 'json',
        cache: false,
        success: function (data, textStatus, jqXHR) {

	    // do stuff

            jqXHR.onreadystatechange = null;
            jqXHR.abort = null;
            jqXHR = null;
            data = null;

    // do stuff

    // Set the callback

    // this does not break the chain if the function calls back itself
    //window.setTimeout(function () { me.refresh(true); }, 10000);  

    // breaks the chain and free up memory if calling back a different function


myCode.prototype.refreshData = function (reset) {

    window.setTimeout(function () { me.refresh(reset); }, 10000);



I wasn't able to fix the memory leak caused by moving/hiding/showing Google Maps markers in IE 7 and 8.  This is a known issue and there's nothing to do.

Windows Azure Notification Hubs

Scott Guthrie announced yesterday a new Windows Azure service in preview: Notification Hubs.  Notification Hubs provide an extremely scalable, cross-platform, push notification infrastructure that enables you to efficiently route push notification messages to millions of mobile users and devices.

Azure Media Services General Availability

Scott Guthrie announced yesterday the general availability (GA) release of Windows Azure Media Services.  It's a service that let you stream video to HTML5, Flash, Silverlight, Windows 8, iPad, iPhone, Android, Xbox, Windows Phone and other clients using a wide variety of streaming formats.  Pricing is listed here.

Azure December outage

On February 29 2012, Microsoft had a major Azure outage and were very open on what happened and how they were to solve the issue.  On December 28th 2012, a different outage happened and this time again, they published a blog post detailing what went wrong and how they planned to improve the service.

Updating Java? Read this before

If you're looking to update Java following the recent security warnings, be advised that the Java installer comes with the Ask Toolbar which could be described as malware.  Make sure you read ZDNet's Ed Bott blog post on this topic.  A detailed analysis can be found on Ben Edelman's blog.


Update: ZDNet's Jason Perlow blogged how to get Java without using the installer found on

Hurry! Windows 8 upgrade promotion ends on January 31

If you haven't yet upgraded to Windows 8 but thinking about making the move, be aware that the $39.99 upgrade price (from XP, Vista and Windows 7) will end on January 31 2013. Starting February 1, the Windows 8 upgrade will cost $119.99. The Windows 8 Pro upgrade will cost $199.99.

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