Azure data centers evolution

Here's an interesting read about the evolution of the Microsoft data centers from David Gauthier, Director Data Center Architecture & Design at Microsoft.

Build 2013 announced

Steve Guggenheimer, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President and Chief Evangelist, Developer & Platform Evangelism, announced that the Build 2013 conference will take place at the end of June 2013 in San Francisco.  He says "At Build, we’ll share updates and talk about what’s next for Windows, Windows Server, Windows Azure, Visual Studio and more".  Since Build is the Windows division show, my guess is that it will mostly be about the next version of Windows.  Does this justify the $2,095 registration price + T&E?  As for me, I'll watch the sessions live streams for free from home.

For more info and how to register

Windows AzureConf

The next Windows AzureConf will take place on April 23, 2013.  This is a free online event streamed on Channel 9.  Register here

New Azure features

Wow!  Scott Guthrie announced a bunch of new Azure features including:

  • Mobile Services: HTML5/JS (CORS) Client + PhoneGap + Windows Phone 7.5 + .NET Portable Library support
  • Web Sites: Mercurial Source Control + Dropbox Deployment support
  • HDInsight: New service that enables you to easily deploy and manage Hadoop Clusters on Azure

Postman for Chrome

If your develop any form of REST API, you might want to find ways to test it beside calling it from client apps.   Postman is a cool Google Chrome extension that allow you to test your REST API right inside the browser.  Here's a video demonstrating its features.  

Native Cross-Platform Mobile Development

On Monday March 25 2013 I'll be speaking at the Montreal .NET User Group about reusing your C# and .NET skills and reuse code building native cross-platform mobile applications using the Xamarin tools for iOS and Android as an alternative to HTML5/JS tools like PhoneGap.

For more info and how to register click here

LINQ to JavaScript

Just came across JSLINQ, a LINQ to Objects for JavaScript arrays.  

var myList = [
var exampleArray = JSLINQ(myList)
      .Where(function(item){ return item.FirstName == "Chris"; })
      .OrderBy(function(item) { return item.FirstName; })
      .Select(function(item){ return item.FirstName; });

So cool!  Must resist doing too much refactoring Wink

Windows Update issues

Yesterday, I ran into Windows Update issues on several computers.  While I don't know the cause of the problem, I was able to fix them with some trial and error.

First of all, the error numbers were different on all 3 computers: 8024800A, 80070057 and I didn't note the 3rd one.  My initial reaction was "Frak!  I have a virus!" so I did a full scan with a couple of antivirus software and found nothing. I then Bing/Googled and found that many people had Windows Update issues throughout the years and there are many possible solutions to the problems.

On the computer with error 80070057, I decided to do a System Restore up to the last time Windows Update ran.  It worked!  After restoring, I was able to run Windows Update again.

The one with error 8024800A proved to be more challenging.  The System Restore trick didn't work so I tried running Fix Problems with Windows Update from the Control Panel's Troubleshooting section.  No luck.  I then ran the System File Checker using sfc /scannow at the Command Prompt, rebooted and success!

For the last one, I ran Fix Problems with Windows Update from the Control Panel's Troubleshooting section, then ran the System File Checker using sfc /scannow at the Command Prompt, rebooted and was successful.

As you see, I don't have an exact solution to the problem since I solved it by trial and error but I find strange was that 3 of my Windows 8 computers suffered from Windows Update issues on the same day.

Google kills Snapseed, Nik Software next?

It was written on the wall when Google acquired the photography tools developer Nik Software.  Nik's customers were asking why the heck would Google buy photography plugins and now Google kills SnapSeed, the reason they bought the company.  So when will they shut down Nik Software completely?

Angry customer.

R.I.P. WebSiteSpark


Just got an email this morning saying that Microsoft has cancelled its WebSiteSpark program.  What was great about this program was that the entry level was very low and it provided software and Azure hours for small 2-3 people Web development shops.  With so many great free dev tools now available from Microsoft, I guess this was inevitable.

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