Global Windows Azure Bootcamp - Wrap-up

We had a great time here in Montreal organizing and speaking at the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp.  Even with the first warm and beautiful Saturday of the season, we had around 40 attendees.  Thanks to François Boucher, Alexandre Brisebois and Pascal Laurin who helped me organizing and presenting.

Global Azure Bootcamp

Global Azure Bootcamp

Improvements to Azure IaaS

Wow!  Just a week after announcing general availability of Azure Virtual Machines, ScottGu announced new IaaS features:

  • Point-To-Site connectivity
  • Software VPN support
  • Dynamic DNS support

Microsoft, the arbiter of uncool?

Microsoft uncool?  How about: Microsoft, at the forefront of design!

Examples of Web sites and interfaces, including Microsoft, Twitter and the Interactive Advent Calendar, that use flat design, including Microsoft, Twitter and

Here's a nice NY Times article on the flattening of design.  Even Apple is following with a flat design in iOS 7!  Sure that the Apple fans will say that Apple is leading a revolution in design Wink

General Availability of Infrastructure as a Service

I'm a little late posting this but ScottGu recently announced that Azure Virtual Machines and the IaaS services have reach RTM.  As a bonus, Paas and IaaS prices has been reduced.

Agile with TFS training (Montreal & Quebec City)

If you're looking at implementing Agile with Team Foundation Server, you may find that most technical training is targeted at developers but what about managers?  They play a key role in Agile.  Mario Cardinal has created a one day course targeted at technical managers who want to implement Agile with TFS.  The French course will take place in April 2013 in Montreal and Quebec City.

More info here

Azure new services

ScottGu announced yesterday the general availability of Azure Active Directory and the preview of Azure Backup and updates/improvements to Azure Web Sites, HDInsight, Media Services and Virtual Machines.

Best of all, Azure Active Directory is free!

Global Windows Azure Bootcamp - Montreal

I'm glad to announce that we'll be hosting an Azure Bootcamp in French here in Montreal.  This event is part of the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp that will take place across the world on April 27th 2013.

For more info, agenda, location and to register, click here.


Go Daddy's data centers video

Interesting, Go Daddy recently published on Facebook a video about their data centers architecture. 

I’m no data center expert either but look at this chart taking from a blog post about Microsoft’s Energy and Efficiency Evolution to Power the Cloud, looks like MS is a couple of generations ahead in term of data centers evolution.  But hey!  Who can argue about neatly bundled cables  ;-)

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