Don't download Visual Studio 2013 Preview, run it on Azure!

Visual Studio 2013 Preview is now available for you to try out but why download and install it on your machine?  Just spin a new Azure Virtual Machine with VS 2013 Preview pre-installed!

AGENT Smart Watch: a watch you can program with .NET

I backed my first Kickstarter project last week after I saw a tweet from Alexandre Brisebois on the AGENT smart watch saying that it was the last day of funding.  After looking at the specs, I just couldn't resist.  While not pretty, the killer feature is that you can program this watch using the .NET Micro Framework and Visual Studio.  How cool/geek is that?

ZDNet: Is Microsoft winning or losing the war for developers?

Here's an interesting discussion/poll on ZDNet: Is Microsoft winning or losing the war for developers?

You can follow the discussion between Andrew Brust and Adrian- Kingsley-Hughes, cast your vote and emit your own opinion.  So far, there's seem to be a lot of bitterness on the fact the Microsoft dropped Silverlight.

Music video shot with a Nokia Lumia 925

Amazing the photo and video quality you can get from smartphones today.  This video was shot with a Nokia Lumia 925!

Here's The Verge review


Mobile Services: major updates


ScottGu just blogged about a bunch of new Azure Mobile Services features:

  • Custom API support
  • Git Source Control support
  • Node.js NPM Module support
  • A .NET API via NuGet
  • Mobile Services and Web Sites: Free 20MB SQL Database Option for Mobile Services and Web Sites
  • Mobile Notification Hubs: Android Broadcast Push Notification Support

Xamarin Drinkup: Vote for Montreal


The good folks at Xamarin are planning a road trip this summer hosting meetings and drinkups and they ask you to decide where they'll go.  Vote for Montreal!

Microsoft to acquire InRelease

Congrats to Claude Remillard and his team at InCycle Software for the acquisition of their InRelease division by Microsoft.  There's no better TFS/ALM supporter and advocate then Claude.

Read all about it in this press release.

First look at Windows 8.1

A first look at Windows 8.1

SQL Server 2014: What's new

Microsoft announced SQL Server 2014 earlier this week at TechEd US 2013.  The SQL Server Blog has a list of the new features.

TechEd 2013: Azure announcements

Yesterday saw a bunch of great Azure announcements at TechEd US 2013.  Here's a summary:

  • Dev/Test in the Cloud: MSDN Use Rights, Unbeatable MSDN Discount Rates, MSDN Monetary Credits
  • BizTalk Services: Great new service for Windows Azure that enables EDI and EAI integration in the cloud
  • Per-Minute Billing and No Charge for Stopped VMs: Now only get charged for the exact minutes of compute you use, no compute charges for stopped VMs
  • SSL Support with Web Sites: Support for both IP Address and SNI based SSL bindings on custom web-site domains
  • Active Directory: Updated directory sync utility, ability to manage Office 365 directory tenants from Windows Azure Management Portal
  • Free Trial: More flexible Free Trial offer
Read about these on Scott Guthrie blog here and here

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