Azure Traffic Manager now supports Web Sites

Sweet!  Azure Traffic Manager now supports Web Sites.  This means that if your Web sites have a global reach, you can benefit from Traffic Manager's load balancing across multiple regions/data centers.

Check this blog post for more info.  Here's a 30 minutes Cloud Cover show about Traffic Manager on Channel 9.

Azure Rocks! Windows Phone app

Thanks to Laurent Duveau who wanted to test the Windows Phone App Studio, for creating an app for Azure Rocks!  It's available from the Windows Phone store.  Search for: Azure Rocks.


 Windows Phone App Studio is a free online tool to easily create and publish Windows Phone apps.

Azure now available in China

Microsoft recently announced that they partnered with a Chinese company to offer Azure services in China.  Note that using these data centers from outside China is not possible unless you're prepared to do a lot of paperwork Wink


Surface Pro Wacom driver


The built-in driver for the Wacom made Surface 2 Pro has limited pressure sensitive input capabilities.  According to this article, to get the digitizer full capabilities,  you just have to download and install the latest Wacom Feel driver.

SQL Databases not listed in Visual Studio

If your SQL Database is not listed in the Windows Azure section of the Server Explorer, here's how to solve this:

In the Server Explorer, right click on Windows Azure and select Manage Subscriptions...


  1. Click on the Certificates tab
  2. Click on Import...
  3. In the Import dialog, click on the Download subscription file link
  4. Once downloaded, click on Browse... and locate the certificate you just downloaded
  5. Click on Import

That's it.  Your SQL Databases should now be listed.

Microsoft to rebrand Azure?

According to Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft will rebrand Windows Azure to Microsoft Azure at Build 2014.

Visual Studio Talk Show: Mathieu Richard - Web moderne

Nous discutons avec Mathieu Richard du Web moderne.  Entre autres, nous abordons la programmation d'applications Web avec ASP.NET MVC et Visual Studio 2013.

Développeur chez GSoft , Mathieu Richard est un passionné des nouvelles technologies et plus particulièrement, tout ce qui se rapporte au développement web.  Il est co-organisateur de la Communauté .NET de Montréal où il présente régulièrement sur divers sujets touchant le développement Web. Sa passion et sa curiosité pour la programmation lui ont causés quelques nuits écourtés, mais lui donne le sentiment du devoir accompli. Toujours en attente de la prochaine coupe Stanley du Canadien... Vous pouvez le suivre sur twitter @matrichard5.

SQL Server 2014 Montreal and Quebec City launches

Microsoft announced that SQL Server 2014 will be available on April 1st, 2014 and no, that's not an April Fools joke.  Microsoft Canada has asked the Montreal SQL Server User Group (part of the Montreal .NET Community) to organize the Montreal and Quebec City launches.

Here are the Montreal sessions:

  • SQL Server 2014 – What's new (Frank Wiemer, Technology Specialist, Data Platform & BI at Microsoft)
  • Performance with SQL Server 2014 with the in-memory OLTP (Frank Wiemer, Technology Specialist, Data Platform & BI atMicrosoft)
  • Disaster Recovery and backup with SQL Server 2014 and Azure (Éric Moreau, Senior .NET consultant at Moer inc.)
  • Lunch (free, thanks to Microsoft) pizza selection
  • Powerful BI with Power BI (Charles Verdon, Technology Solutions Professional, Data Platform & BI at Microsoft)
  • HD Insight (Christian Côté, BI Architect at IA-TechConsulting)

Presentations in French
Saturday April 12, 2014 

Quebec City
Presentations in French
Saturday April 26, 2014 

These events are free (pizza is included!), no need to be a member of the Montreal .NET Community but why not join? More SQL Server 2014 presentations will be organized by the SQL Server User Group.

Dynamic Twitter and Facebook social buttons

On my Azure Rocks! site, I display YouTube videos dynamically in an iFrame.  I was looking to add social buttons so viewers can tweet about it or share/like on Facebook.  Adding social buttons is easy but they are designed to be placed on a page, not being added dynamically.  I figured out that you just can't change their properties like the URL with JQuery.  Stuck?  Nope.  A quick search revealed that the easiest way to deal with this problem is to simply destroy the previous instance and inject a new button with the new properties.

Simply place a couple of divs to act as placeholders:

<div id="twitterShare"></div>
<div id="facebookShare"></div>

Next, inject the buttons.  For Facebook, I used the iFrame method:

$("#facebookShare").html(' ');
$("#facebookShare").html('<iframe src="//' + '' + videoId + '&width&layout=button&action=like&show_faces=false&share=true&height=35&appId=yourAppId"  scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border:none; overflow:hidden; height:35px;" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>');

For Twitter, I used the share link method:

$("#twitterShare").html(' ');
$("#twitterShare").html('<a href="" class="twitter-share-button" data-url="' + share_url + '" data-text="' + title + '" data-count="none" data-via="WinAzureRocks" data-count="none" data-hashtags="WindowsAzure">Tweet</a>');

Note that you must call the widgets load method to load the button correctly.

Nice but I faced I issue with the Twitter button.  The load method worked perfectly once the page has been fully loaded but I can load the page and show a video directly by having a YouTube video ID as an optional parameter (  The problem is that I was calling the load method too soon, I guess before the Twitter js has been fully loaded.  Anyways, the way to deal with that is to force load the library:

$.getScript('//', function(){

 Now both buttons works perfectly.

How Titanfall leverages Azure

Here's an interesting EnGadget article on how the Titanfall game is using the Cloud and Azure.

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