Surface Pro 3 Connected Standby issue


Paul Thurrott has published a nice tip for Surface Pro 3 users having issues with Connected Standby not working after installing Visual Studio and Hyper-V.  Bookmark if you have or plan to buy a Surface 3.

Surface Pro 3 Commercial: Behind the Scenes

I you liked the new Surface Pro 3 commercial, you might be wondering how it was shot.  Well, it's one continuous shot!  Check this "behind the scenes" video to learn how they did it:

Surface Café: Montréal

After a few days in Toronto, Microsoft will have it's Surface Café in downtown Montreal all day on Thursday June 26 2014.  Can't wait to play with the brand new Surface 3!

For more info, click here

Azure Web Sites Extensions

Daria Grigoriu, Program Manager Azure Web Sites, has blogged about Web Sites extensions, a cool feature.  Basically, an extension runs alongside your Web Site to provide management or extra features.  You can add them using the new portal.  Microsoft has even created a NuGet style repository for publishing extensions:

Revamped Azure status page

Here's a page that all Azure devs should bookmark: the Azure services status page.  Twitter has the fail whale on its error page, Azure has, hummm, an alien?


Beside the current status, you can access an history of the events.  Perfect when you're wondering if something went wrong because of you or the services you're using.  You can also subscribe to RSS feeds for the specific services.  Nice!

Download Scott Hanselman

Downloading Scott Hanselman is unnecessarily hard, and it's made harder by the fact that Scott travels a lot speaking at conferences all over the world.  How hard?  Well, you have to first launch a browser but is Scott IE compatible or does he require Chrome?  Then you need to find the right web site.  Is it Worse, it could be Azure Friday and good luck in finding that!  You can use Twitter but you'll need a Twitter account and then find his account.  Is it @scott, @scotthanselman or @shanselman?  Scott should be an image, and you should be able to right click and Save As.


So, I've done the HTTP sniffing and work, and written this blog post in the hopes that it helps you (and I'm bookmarking it for myself, for the future).

To download Scott, right click on the picture and Save Image As...

Note: I wrote this post on my own and I don't work for Scott.  Scott is copyrighted by his parents.

OK, for those who don't follow Scott, this post is a little parody of Scott's and  Great job BTW Scott!

Microsoft Student Partners Canada 2014-2015 year


Microsoft is currently accepting applications for Canadian Microsoft Student Partners for the 2014/2015 school year.  Interested? Read all about it on Susan Ibach's blog.

Azure and Web Services free online course

If your interested in learning about hosting Web Services on Azure, the Microsoft Virtual Academy has a free online course called Developing Windows Azure and Web Services Jump Start.  Here's the course description:

Web developers, are you looking for ways to increase your reach and reduce your work? Are you preparing for Exam 70-487, part of the MCSD: Web Applications certification? Do you want to find out how to build Web API or WCF services that can access data and are hosted in Windows Azure? If you want to build services that can be accessed by apps across multiple devices, this is the Jump Start for you. You’ll get the end-to-end scenario for building the entire application.

Windows store apps crash after Windows Update

After last week Windows updates, my the store apps on my wife's Dell Venue Pro 8 tablet wouldn't launch.  A quick search in the InterTubes revealed the extent of the problem and it's many possible sources.

I tried many things like converting her account to a local one, adding a new account, running the store apps diagnostics tool, running WSRESET.EXE to no good.  The problem seems that the Store Apps cache was corrupted.  In the end, I used the Windows recovery tool and reinstalled Windows.

Upon reinstalling, Windows offered to use the settings of her tablet stored in the cloud that is linked to her Windows account.  That was a real time saver, restoring Windows does not take long but configuring it to the previous state, that's long and painful.  Surprisingly, applying the settings saved in the cloud restored all her settings, apps and configuration.  I only had to changed a few things.

While Microsoft made it possible to reinstall Windows 8 quite easily, the fact that Store Apps would simple stop working and that there's no easy and user friendly way to solve the issue is unacceptable.

Lessons learned:

  • Windows 8 Store apps can go corrupt with no easy way to restore them.
  • Reinstalling Windows is fast.
  • On small devices like tablets, you might be tempted to delete the recovery partition, don't.
  • Updating Windows from 8 to 8.1 will also update the recovery files so it will recover to 8.1, not 8.
  • Using a Windows account will store your PC/tablet settings in the cloud.
  • When reinstalling, you'll have the option to apply the saved settings

SQL Server in Azure VM performance tuning

If you're running SQL Server in an Azure Virtual Machine, this Microsoft blog post is a must read.  It points to a performance tuning page and most importantly, the author's email address in case the recommendations don't work for you.

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