Azure pricing updates

Last week, Microsoft announced new lower pricing on a number of services matching AWS pricing.  Competition is good for us customers!  Smile

BLU Windows phones available in Canada

BLU is a low cost phone manufacturer based in the USA.  They recently announced two Windows phone low cost devices, the BLU Win JR and the Win HD.  These are perfect for dev testing devices since they are unlocked and cheap.  Both are currently available on but shipping isn't possible to Canada however, the Canadian Microsoft Store is selling the JR for $89.  I guess that the HD will follow soon.

Here's Windows Phone Central unboxing video of the JR:

Azure Certifications now available

Microsoft announced two new Azure certifications:

For developers: Exam 532, Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

For IT Pros: Exam 533, Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

Azure Queues vs Service Bus Queues

Should I use Azure Queues or Service Bus Queues?  That's a question I hear often and to help answer it, there's a recently published article that does a good job comparing both services: Azure Queues and Service Bus Queues - Compared and Contrasted

New Azure VMs D-Series

Microsoft announced the new Azure D-Series VMs filled with SSD goodness!

The new D-Series of VMs can be used with both Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Cloud Services.  In addition to offering faster vCPUs (approximately 60% faster than our A series) and more memory (up to 112 GB), the new VM sizes also all have a local SSD disk (up to 800 GB) to enable much faster IO reads and writes.

Azure Webinar: Enterprise Ready APIs

Build, Host, and Manage Enterprise Ready APIs
Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014
10:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M. PDT

Learn how to build, host and manage enterprise ready APIs that power business applications with hybrid connections to on-premises systems using Azure Mobile and API Management services.

Join Principal Program Manager Evgeny Popov for a live webinar on September 23rd, 2014 from 10:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M. PDT.

Register here

Azure Websites: enterprise-class cloud service

Here's an interesting page describing the Azure Websites features likely to appeal to enterprises.

Windows Store Apps WinJS adoption

The availability of third party tools supporting a particular platform is always a good indication of its adoption.  This week, Jason Beres, Infragistics Sr. VP responsible for the Developer Tools Division, announced that Infragistics is putting its WinJS controls suite on hold due to poor sales. 

WinJS (Windows UI HTML Controls) - We are putting this product on HOLD.   WinJS, the HTML UI controls for Windows Store apps, has not evolved as a commercial market, and at this time we’ve decided to stop any development on the product. This does not mean we won’t pick it back up, but we’ve seen the Windows UI XAML toolset become the leader in both our sales and what you see online in terms of what developers are using to deploy Store apps. To be fair to anyone using the product, I don’t want to set the expectation that we are continuing any development on it. Even though the WinJS controls were technically wrappers of our Ignite UI controls, the cost of testing, bug fixing and delivery is too high for the current maturity of the market.

Looks like C#/XAML won that Windows Store Apps war (at least for enterprise devs) but what I would like to know is how their XAML suite is doing against their desktop products Wink

Prochain meeting MSDEVMTL Azure: 22 septembre 2014

1ère partie
Sujet: Azure Management Studio
Conférencier: Alexandre Brisebois, MVP Azure

Lors de cette présentation Alexandre nous présente Azure Management Studio de Cerabrata/Red Gate et de sa version gratuite, Azure Explorer qui sont deux outils permettant de gérer vos données stockées dans les blobs et les tables Azure (et même plus).  De plus, Alexandre fera un petit comparatif avec les outils disponibles dans Visual Studio afin de voir s'il y a avantage à utiliser VS ou les outils de Cerabrata.

2e partie
Sujet: Le nouveau portail Azure et la console Kudu
Conférencier: Guy Barrette, MVP Azure

Un tout nouveau portail est maintenant disponible et il est radicalement différent du portail de 2e génération.  Lors de cette présentation, Guy Barrette fera un petit tour d'horizon du nouveau portail pour nous aider à s'y retrouver.  De plus, vous verrez comment accéder et utiliser la console super secrète Kudu.  Cette console offre des outils de débogage très intéressants pour les Web Sites.

September 2014 Azure new features and enhancements

Another month, another bunch of new Azure features and enhancements!  So what do we have this month?

  • SQL Databases: General Availability of Azure SQL Database Service Tiers
  • API Management: General Availability of our API Management Service
  • Media Services: Live Streaming, Content Protection, Faster and Cost Effective Encoding, and Media Indexer
  • Web Sites: Virtual Network integration, new scalable CMS with WordPress and updates to Web Site Backup in the Preview Portal
  • Role-based Access Control: Preview release of role-based access control for Azure Management operations
  • Alerting: General Availability of Azure Alerting and new alerts on events

As always, check ScottGu's blog post for all the details.

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