Blank Mac OS X app store

For the last few days, the Mac App Store app on my MacBook Air was partially blank.  The home page was loading correctly but each section or product click ended up with a blank page.  A quick search revealed that this is a common issue with that app and tons of solutions and workaround exist.  Mine was very simple...launch iTunes and click on a product then start Mac App Store and bingo!  Weird.

Blu Win HD on Rogers


Bought a Blu Win HD phone when it was $50 off on the Microsoft store last week.  I took a Rogers SIM and and everything worked except that I had no Internet connection on the Rogers network.  After a few minutes of trying different settings, I figured out that you need to manually enter the APN settings.

On your phone go to: Settings > Cellular+SIM > SIM Settings > Edit Internet APN

  • APN:
  • User name: wapuser1
  • Password: wap
  • IP type: IPv4


Protect Yourself Against Tech Support Scams

Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit has published this video explaining what is the tech support scam currently going on and how to protect yourself.  Make sure you share this one with your family and friends.

Azure December updates

Microsoft announced this week a bunch of updates and enhancements to a number of Azure service:

  • Premium Storage: New Premium high-performance Storage for Azure Virtual Machine workloads
  • RemoteApp: General Availability of Azure RemoteApp service
  • SQL Database: Enhancements to Azure SQL Databases
  • Media Services: General Availability of Live Channels for Media Streaming
  • Azure Search: Enhanced management experience, multi-language support and more
  • DocumentDB: Support for Bulk Add Documents and Query Syntax Highlighting
  • Site Recovery: General Availability of disaster recovery to Azure for branch offices and SMB customers
  • Azure Active Directory: General Availability of Azure Active Directory application proxy and password write back support

Get all the details on ScottGu's blog and Azure blog.

Richard Campbell Remixed 2.0

I finally found the samples I used for the Richard Campbell Remixed tune I did a while ago, they were hiding in an obscure folder on my server.  The first track was, well...somewhat crude so I updated it a little bit.

Visual Studio Talk Show: Révolution Open Source chez Microsoft

Nous discutons avec Pascal Laurin des annonces que Microsoft a fait lors de la conférence Connect(); qui s'est déroulée les 12 et 13 novembre 2014.  Entre autres: le Framework .NET qui devient Open Source et la nouvelle version Community de Visual Studio qui est gratuite.

Pascal Laurin est un développeur .NET et MVP C#. Depuis maintenant 12 ans il se passionne pour l'architecture logicielle, les bonnes pratiques de développement et l'agilité. Il est aussi coorganisateur du user group MSDEVMTL.

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