Canakit WiFi adapter not recognized by Windows IoT Core

I installed Windows IoT Core on my Raspberry Pi 2 and the WiFi adapter that came with my Canakit kit is not detected/recognized by Windows.  A little search led me to this documentation page that list the tested adapters.  Well, looks like the only one tested to work is the official Raspberry Pi adapter.

.NET Framework 4.6 and RyuJIT (64-bit) critical bug follow-up

This is a follow-up to my previous post.

In a blog post, Rich Lander of the .NET engineering team, acknowledge the bug found by the StackOverflow team and their workaround.  He also says that a patch is on it's way.  It's unlikely that you'll experience this bug but it's always better to be aware.

From the blog post:

This issue is narrow in nature. Your code has to use specific data types, pass them in specific ways and execute specific operations. Very few programs will satisfy all of these characteristics, which is required to trigger this codgen bug.

The .NET team has concluded a detailed analysis of tens of thousands of test assets and internal customer data. The data suggests that the vast majority of .NET developers will not experience this same issue. We have extensive tests for the .NET Framework libraries (e.g. System.Xml). We have not been able to find a single case of this issue across that very large body of code. From a production standpoint, big Microsoft web properties have been running on pre-release versions of .NET Framework 4.6 for months without hitting this issue.

This bug requires a significant set of conditions that must be present to trigger it. It's unlikely that many developers have actually written matching code. We recognize that this bug is very real to StackExchange, and conclude that they are one of the few cases that have and will hit it.

.NET Framework 4.6 and RyuJIT (64-bit) critical bug

The good folks at StackOverflow have discovered a potentially nasty bug in the latest version of the .NET Framework (4.6) and they did a fantastic job documenting it.  Read and be aware!



I'm currently working on an IoT and Azure presentation building a Xamarin.Forms app to gather sensors data from mobile devices (Raspberry Pi will come next).  Mobile device don't usually have a built-in temperature sensor but would it be possible to get the local temperature using the location and an external service for free?  Sure thing!  After a quick search on the Interwebs I found OpenWeatherMap that have a Web API and a free pricing tier.

By using the latitude and longitude, you get a nice JSON result easily consumable in .NET or JavaScript.

"weather":[{"id":804,"main":"clouds","description":"overcast clouds","icon":"04n"}],


Finding the computer’s latitude and longitude in C#

Finding the computer's position is possible even if it doesn't have a built in GPS since it's possible to get a position using Wi-Fi triangulation.  Using the .NET Framework 4+ you can add a reference to the System.Device.dll that contains the System.Device.Location.GeoCoordinateWatcher class that let you retrieve the latitude and longitude.  Here's a quick test I did in a console app:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using System.Device.Location;

namespace ConsoleApplicationGeo
	class Program
		private static GeoCoordinateWatcher Watcher;

		static void Main(string[] args)
			Watcher = new GeoCoordinateWatcher();
			Watcher.StatusChanged += Watcher_StatusChanged;



		static void Watcher_StatusChanged(object sender, GeoPositionStatusChangedEventArgs e)
			if (e.Status == GeoPositionStatus.Ready)
				if (Watcher.Position.Location.IsUnknown)
					Console.Write("Cannot find location");
					Console.WriteLine("Lat: " + Watcher.Position.Location.Latitude.ToString());
					Console.WriteLine("Lon: " + Watcher.Position.Location.Longitude.ToString());


Azure SDK 2.7: What's new

Brady Gaster blogged about the new features found in the Azure SDK 2.7 for .NET.  Here are the highlights:

  • Sign in improvements for Visual Studio 2015
  • Cloud Explorer for Visual Studio 2015
  • Remote debugging for Virtual Machines in Visual Studio 2015
  • Azure Resource Manager Tools
  • Azure App Service Tools
  • HDInsight Tools
  • Azure Data Factory Tools

Visual Studio 2015 - Available for download

Somasegar blogged a moment ago about the availability of Visual Studio 2015.  On your mark, get set, download!

The publisher in the uploaded package does not match the expected publisher

Got this error while publishing a Windows Phone 8.1 app to the app store: "The publisher in the uploaded package does not match the expected publisher".  It's a Xamarin project that I converted from WP 8.0 to 8.1.  After a quick search on the Interwebs, I found a post by Christophe Peugnet explaining how to solve the issue.  Turns out that you have to manually edit the Package.appxmanifest file to enter the publisher ID.

Visual Studio Talk Show: Azure et le développement logiciel

Nous discutons avec Stéphane Lapointe comment la plateforme Azure modifie peu à peu le développement logiciel que ce soit au niveau des environnements de tests/production que de la programmation de microservices.

Stéphane Lapointe a près de 20 ans d’expérience avec les technologies Microsoft. Il travaille pour Orckestra depuis un peu plus de 7 ans. Orckestra développe une plateforme de commerce électronique .Net nommé Overture, qui est la pierre angulaire d’un véritable processus d’affaires omnicanal et qui est très innovatrice. Stephane est très passionné par tout ce qui touche le cloud computing, la pratique DevOps, l’automatisation, PowerShell et ALM. Il est très impliqué dans la communauté msdevmtl à Montréal où il est coorganisateur du groupe Azure. Il est aussi un Azure Advisors.

BLU Android phones now available at

If you're looking for an unlocked Android phone, you can now purchase BLU phones from Staples/Bureau en Gros in Canada.  They can be good replacements for a dying phone or as cheap testing devices.  The hard part is figuring out the technical differences between the various overlapping product lines (Life Play, Dash C, Neo, Studio, Studio X).

My wife had a BLU Win HD phone (Windows Phone) for about a year now and she hadn't had any issues at all.

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