Hackster.io's "Hack the Home" contest winner

Microsoft along with Hackster.io held an IoT contest in September with an home automation theme.  What's cool is that the North American winner is Philippe Libioulle from Quebec City.  He used Raspberry Pis, Windows Core IoT and Azure.  

Über cool!  Check his project here


My experience installing Office 2016

Office 2016 was released today and like all major Microsoft product, I usually can't wait to install the new stuff so I downloaded the ISO from MSDN and launched the installer by double clicking on setup.exe expecting:

  • That I will be giving a choice to upgrade my current Office 2013 installation
  • That I could select the products that I want (No Access in my case)
  • That I could cancel if I'd became too chicken
Fair expectations, no?  At least that was what the Office 2013 installer was giving us.  Well not at all.  After double clicking on setup.exe, the installer started installing right away!
  • No upgrade option
  • No product selection
  • No chance to cancel
 OK, so Office 2016 was installed side by side with my Office 2013.  Let's try to launch Outlook 2013.

Great!  My Outlook 2013 is now useless so let's try uninstalling 2016.

Pffff! Tidy up yourself!!!

Let's now repair 2013.

And it worked! :-)

So long Office 2016!

Visual Studio Talk Show : Les nouveautés de Visual Studio 2015

Nous discutons avec Eric Moreau des nouveautés de Visual Studio 2015.

Eric est en consultant .NET. Il est aussi un MVP .NET (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional). Eric peut être rejoint à eric@moer.ca et son blog est disponible à www.emoreau.com.


AzureCon Montreal Viewing Party

Vous êtes invités à venir visionner les keynotes du AzureCon live dans les locaux de Microsoft Montréal le mardi 29 septembre 2015 de midi à 15h00.

Les conférenciers seront:

  • Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Cloud + Enterprise
  • Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President, Cloud + Enterprise
  • Bill Staples, Corporate Vice President, Cloud + Enterprise
  • Mark Russinovich, CTO, Microsoft Azure

Pourquoi vous déplacer pour voir ces Keynotes ?

  • Parce qu'il risque d'y avoir des annonces importantes
  • Parce qu'au travail, c'est impossible, on risque de se faire déranger
  • Pour rencontrer les spécialistes Azure de Microsoft à Montréal
  • Pour partager et discuter

Le nombre de places est limité à 30.  Inscrivez-vous rapidement!

Microsoft October 6 hardware event


Microsoft will announce on October 6, 2015 a series of new Windows 10 devices.  In the meantime, Windows Central's Daniel Rubino writes about the rumours and the expected devices like:

  • Surface Pro 4 12-inch and 14-inch
  • Lunia 950 and 950 XL
  • Continuum dock
  • Band 2
  • ProClear speaker
  • Windows 10 Wave 2
  • Windows 10 on Xbox One
  • HoloLens

This should be fun!

Microsoft Cloud Roadshow coming to Toronto

If you're in the Toronto area, make sure to register for the Microsoft Cloud Roadshow that will take place on November 5-6, 2015 at the Toronto Congress Centre.  

What to expect?  Two days of IT Pros and developers sessions delivered by engineer from Redmond.  Get a list of all the sessions here

The cost? Free, gratis!

Register here

Note that the roadshow will make 11 stops across the world.

Using MvvmCross with Xamarin.Forms

So far I used Laurent Bugnion's MVVM Light with my Xamarin.Forms apps,  I was looking at MvvmCross when I found Brent Edwards' "A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO CREATING A XAMARIN.FORMS APP WITH MVVMCROSS" 5 part series.  To bookmark!

How to create diagrams like the Microsoft Architecture Blueprints

You may have seen these Microsoft architecture diagrams online or in some PowerPoint decks, drooling at their beauty and wondering how to make your own while having the artistic talent of a bacteria.

Well, no need to despair Picasso, you can now download the 3D blueprint Visio template and the cloud and enterprise symbol set!  Rob Boucher published a documentation page and a video to help you with your isometric skills in Visio.

Thomas Maurer's awesome OneNote features list

OneNote is an awesome application for note taking but many features are hidden.  Thomas Maurer, an Hyper-V MVP, has listed a series of über cool OneNote features in a blog post.  To bookmark!

GitHub Extension for Visual Studio: fixed issue

You may have read this story about a nasty bug that creates GitHub public repos while the private checkbox is checked in Visual Studio.  Turns out it is a bug with the GitHub extension, not Visual Studio.

A fix is now available so make sure to update the extension ASAP.

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