Azure Interactives Beta - new interactive ways to display and find information

With so many services now available, finding documentation and guidance about Azure is somewhat of a challenge.  Microsoft has published a Beta Website experimenting with new interactive ways to display and find information.  Give it a try!

Free .NET Core Architecture eBooks

Here are a couple of eBooks focusing on architecting .NET Core applications on my reading list.  The first one titled "Architecting Modern Web Applications with ASP.NET Core and Microsoft Azure" is written by Steve Smith and focus on monolithic applications.  The second one is titled ".NET Microservices: Architecture for Containerized .NET Applications" written by Cesar de la Torre and focus on microservices and containers-based architecture.  Happy reading!


Free Azure products for 12 months

When you create a new Azure account, you get $200 of free credits to try out various services but these must be spent during the first month.  Sometimes, one month is not enough to test things out that's why Azure now offers a bunch of services that will be free for 12 months when you create a new account.  Here's the list (per month):

  • Linux & Windows Virtual Machines: 750 hours of B1S.
  • Managed Disks: 64GB x 2 of P6 SSDs.
  • Blob Storage: 5GB
  • File Storage: 5GB
  • SQL Database: 250GB
  • Cosmos DB: 5GB
  • Bandwidth (outbound): 15GB

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