So Long, Farewell

After 17 years leading the various incarnations of the Microsoft developers’ user group in Montreal, I decided to limit my activities and my involvement in the group starting now.  The main reason is that I need to spend more time with my family, my mother having Alzheimer’s disease and my father needing help.  I won’t be very far and will be helping during a transition phase.


Great video explaining PIPA/SOPA

I found this video on the Website that does a great job explaining how PIPA/SOPA could wreak the Internet.

Lightroom 4 will not run on Windows XP

So Adobe announced that Lightroom 4 will not run on Windows XP.  Good thing IMHO.  At some point software developers need to look ahead, not 10 years back.

SendGrid : free SMTP solution for Azure


Looking for a solution for sending SMTP emails from your Azure app?  SendGrid is offering a free 25,000 emails/month plan for Azure users.  Note that I haven't used their service before so I can't comment on that at this point.

Check the offer here:


Testing SocialPublish for BlogEngine.Net

Testing SocialPublish for BlogEngine.Net

New year, new blog

Hello!  I decided to change the blog engine (DasBlog) that I've been using for some time now to BlogEngine.Net and at the same time, change the URL from to  I also decided not to move all the old posts and keep as an archive.

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