Azure Mobile Service "this name is already in use"

Now here's a non intuitive error message...If A-you never used Azure Mobile Service before and B-you try creating a new Mobile Service, you'll get an error saying that the name your entering is already in use no matter how creative you are with the name.

The reason why this is happening is that Mobile Services are deprecated and clients who never used them before can't create them but if you used them before, it is still possible.  Go figure!

Here's a blog post from Microsoft's Jeff Sanders explaining the problem.

Visual Studio Talk Show: Angular 2 et la conférence ng-conf 2016

Nous discutons avec Laurent Duveau de la version 2 de AngularJS et des nouveautés annoncées le 4,5 et 6 mai dernier lors de la conférence ng-conf 2016. AngularJS est un framework JavaScript libre et open-source développé par Google. Il est fondé sur l'idée que la programmation déclarative excelle pour construire les interfaces utilisateur et le "binding", tandis que la programmation impérative (JavaScript) est mieux adaptée pour exprimer la logique métier.

Passionné par les technologies web et mobiles depuis maintenant 20 ans, Laurent Duveau est toujours à l'affut des dernières tendances en technologie afin de mieux service ses clients. Fondateur de l'Académie Angular il passe actuellement son temps à diffuser ses formations techniques à travers le Canada.

MSDEVMTL - Farewell

I've been involved with the local user group for about 23 years.  It first started as a VB3 group, evolved to .NET then became a community of user groups (ASP.NET/.NET, Architecture, ALM, Data, Power BI and Azure) with 3 meetings per month and 3-4 Saturdays per year.

It's now time for me to let new people with new ideas lead this community.  I just hope that they'll let me speak about Azure from time to time  :-)

Azure general availability in Canada

Microsoft announced today the general availability of both Canadian data centres located in Toronto and Quebec City.  More info on Microsoft Canada data centre page.

Now before celebrating, be aware hat not all services are live at launch.  Missing right now are Mobile Apps, API Apps, Logic Apps, API Management, DocumentDB, Stream Analytics, IoT Hub, Service Fabric, Container Service.  Check this Azure documentation page for more info.

Janet Kennedy, President of Microsoft Canada, announcing the availability of Azure and Office 365 in the Canadian Datacentres.

Thanks OzCode

The nice folks at CodeValue who makes OzCode have sent me this nice kit in recognition for my OzCode community contributions.

If you don't know OzCode, it's a Visual Studio add-in that improves the debugging experience.  It's a ReSharper for debugging!  Check this Webinar for more info:

Visual Studio Talk Show : Application Insights

Nous discutons avec Vincent Grondin de Visual Studio Application Insights.  Un nouveau produit de la famille Azure qui permet de détecter, trier, et diagnostiquer rapidement et « en direct » les problèmes avec vos applications et services Web.

Vincent Grondin compte plus de dix-sept années d’expérience dans le développement d’applications en utilisant les technologies Microsoft dont 13 années en .NET. Il a participé à de nombreux projets pour des entreprises d’envergure comme Desjardins, Eli Lilly, Domtar, Cascades et Alcoa. Il aime apprendre de nouvelles astuces, découvrir de nouveaux outils, explorer de nouvelles technologies liées à .NET et partager ces nouveautés avec la communauté. Depuis 2010, il reçoit de Microsoft la reconnaissance MVP dans la compétence C# et il est actuellement vice-président - Technologies pour la firme nventive.

SSL certificates are now available for App Service

You can now buy SSL certificates for use with Azure App Service directly from the portal.  Pricing is $69/year for a standard certificate and $299/year for a wild card certificate.  More info here

Azure Functions vs. AWS Lambda

Microsoft announced Azure Functions at Build 2016 as a direct competitor to AWS Lambda.  What are the differences?  Which one is better?  Tom Maiaroto wrote a blog post comparing both services.

Azure IoT reference architecture

Microsoft published a 32 pages reference architecture for Azure IoT and it's available as a free download.  The reference architecture provides guidance for building secure and scalable, device-centric solutions for connecting devices, conducting analysis, and integrating with back-end systems.

Azure IoT Build announcements

At Build 2016, Microsoft announced a couple of new IoT offerings:

  • Azure IoT Hub device management
  • Azure IoT Gateway SDK

The first focuses on device management by providing a set of APIs to help view status and health, organize, control access, and update the software, firmware and configurations of IoT devices.  The second one let you build a gateway allowing the use of older devices not capable of connecting to the Internet.

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