Imagine Cup Canada 2012

Hey students!  Think you can solve some of the world's toughest problems through technology? It's time to prove it!  
The Imagine Cup, the premiere worldwide technology competition, is back! This year students like you are being called on to solve some of the world's toughest problems through technology. Are you up to the challenge?
It's a great opportunity to apply some of the knowledge you've learned in the classroom to help solve some real-world problems. It could be anything, from famine or accessibility to education to traffic safety or environmental sustainability - the problem you choose, and solution you come up with, are up to you.

Students can form teams of up to four, and each team can have a mentor to help them through the process. Mentors can help answer questions you might have, and give you guidance throughout the competition.

In addition to the global categories, there are two local categories that you can enter in this year:
• Software Design
• Windows Phone 7 Game Design

Why should you join?
Besides making the world a better place, you could also win a trip to Toronto for the Canadian Finals, a trip to Sydney, Australia for the Worldwide Finals, cash grants and amazing prizes.
I'd like to urge you to seriously consider joining the competition this year. This is your chance to get recognized for your achievements on an international stage. Use your passion, use your knowledge, and make a difference!

Visit the Imagine Cup website to learn more


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