Office 365 - First impressions

I'm planning to move my main email from the domain to my personal domain.  I'm currently using a hosted Exchange account but wanted to try Office 365 since Microsoft offers a 30-days free trial.

Setting up the account was easy and no credit card is required for the trial.  The default domain name being not that pretty (, I added my personal domain name.  This domain is registered at GoDaddy so my initial thought was that I would only have to point the MX records to Microsoft's servers.  Well, you can but to get all the service bell and whistles, you really need to change your name servers to the Microsoft ones.  Yikes!  Would that mean losing finer control on my domain?  No because you can easily manage A and CNAME records using the friendly interface.  This also means that if you already have a, you can still use it.  This video goes thru the process of adding a domain and keeping the existing public Website:

I have a couple of Hotmail accounts that I use for registering to mailing lists or Websites so one feature I first thought I'd use was the ability to connect other email accounts. 

Well, it turns out that the feature is not that useful.  For Hotmail/Live type of account, Office 365 gets new mail but leaves it on the original account and if you delete it from the Office 365 account, it's not deleted on the Hotmail/Live account (more details in this thread).  Looks like this would be possible if using a POP3 account so for me, setting multiple email accounts in Outlook is still a better choice.  Note that if you have a GMail account, make sure to turn on POP3.  This video explains how:

I didn't like the default login page URL.  Luckily, it's easy to change.  All you have to do to get something like is to add a CNAME pointing to

Now I do I move my existing emails to the shiny new account?  Office 365 has some migration utilities but since I have the luxury of having both account live at the same time, the simplest way I found was from the current account, right click on a folder and select Move to the Office 365 account.



So let's end this post on a funny note  ;-)


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