Backup plan anyone?


18 months ago, I decided to use CrashPlan for backing up the data stored in my local network.  Glad I did it.

My data is stored on an internal 2GB hard drive in my Windows Home Server 2011.  I use CrashPlan to backup that data to an external 2GB USB drive (free).  I also use CrashPlan to backup the same data online (paid).  Is this too much?  Would simply backing to the USB drive be OK because you known, CrashPlan would do that for free.

Last Thursday evening, I noticed that I could not access my networked data just minutes after accessing it.  After rebooting the server, I ran the test set included in the machine BIOS and it reported that the disk was bad.  No prob, I have a backup in that USB drive but why is this drive not showing up in file explorer?  After pluging it in another computer, I came to the conclusion that this drive went also belly up.  Now what are the odds that both drive crashing at the same time?  Well, could be that the USB went bad before and I simply didn't noticed, anyway I purchased a installed a brand new 2GB internal drive, launched CrashPlan and started restoring 650GB of data stored safely in the cloud starting with the most important stuff first so I don't go over my ISP 500GB/month transfer limit.  So far, the restore went smoothly and flawlessly.

So how much this extra security of backing in the cloud cost me?  Less than $3/month!  What else can I say?


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