R.I.P. Neil Armstrong


I had the chance to see Neil Armstrong at the Paris USI conference a couple of years ago.  The conference owner had the crazy dream of having his chilhood hero give a talk at his conference.  It took months of negociation and it finally worked because Armstrong's wife wanted to come to Paris.  You see, Armstrong was a very private man who disliked the limelight.

The one hour talk was mesmerizing.  He simply described his experience and tried to include has many computer related stories, after all USI is an IT conference.  I'm so lucky to have seen him.  You see, I was a child when the US space program was at it's peak and I was fascinated with rockets and astronauts.  I wrote numerous times to the NASA asking for photographs and weeks later, I would received a big enveloppe full of 8X10 color pictures and space program literature.  I was in heaven.

The man was larger than life but always refused to act like larger than life.  Rest in peace Neil Armstrong.


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