Windows 8 at Best Buy

I went to my local Best Buy yesterday wanting to look at the in-store marketing for the Windows 8 launch and wanting to try the first Win8 devices.  I was expecting the worse and boy, do I got served!

First of all, nothing, I mean nothing in the store indicated that a new version of Windows has just been released.  No stand, no displays, nothing.  Just a tiny mention on top of one of the devices on display.  In the software rack, they just replaced the Win7 cards that you take with you to the cashier with the Win8 ones.  Two devices were on display: one RT and one Intel.  The Intel one was not even plugged in.  The RT was not connected to the Web so it was somewhat useless if you wanted to really try it and they were both installed in the middle of the Android devices.  When I asked about the RT device, the employee quickly steered me away saying that an Android or Apple device would be a better buy.


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