Windows Update issues

Yesterday, I ran into Windows Update issues on several computers.  While I don't know the cause of the problem, I was able to fix them with some trial and error.

First of all, the error numbers were different on all 3 computers: 8024800A, 80070057 and I didn't note the 3rd one.  My initial reaction was "Frak!  I have a virus!" so I did a full scan with a couple of antivirus software and found nothing. I then Bing/Googled and found that many people had Windows Update issues throughout the years and there are many possible solutions to the problems.

On the computer with error 80070057, I decided to do a System Restore up to the last time Windows Update ran.  It worked!  After restoring, I was able to run Windows Update again.

The one with error 8024800A proved to be more challenging.  The System Restore trick didn't work so I tried running Fix Problems with Windows Update from the Control Panel's Troubleshooting section.  No luck.  I then ran the System File Checker using sfc /scannow at the Command Prompt, rebooted and success!

For the last one, I ran Fix Problems with Windows Update from the Control Panel's Troubleshooting section, then ran the System File Checker using sfc /scannow at the Command Prompt, rebooted and was successful.

As you see, I don't have an exact solution to the problem since I solved it by trial and error but I find strange was that 3 of my Windows 8 computers suffered from Windows Update issues on the same day.

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