What's wrong with our industry?

I came across this ad in the subway and in a mailing from AQIII.  It's for a technology career fair that will take place in Montréal and Québec.  What I find stupid is the requirement for the attendees to have at least 2 years experience.

Being involved in the local developers community, I had many students telling how hard it is to get a job when finishing school.  Employers don't hire junior devs anymore.  Gone are the time when a company would hire someone fresh out of school with no experience and train/coach him/her for a few years.  These devs would stay with the same company for at least a few years because they would find learning opportunities and challenges.  Looking at job offers, employers now have unrealistic technical requirements listing everything but the kitchen sink as mandatory.  They don’t spend a dime on training anymore and at the same time, they’re telling me that it’s almost impossible to find good resources and that young devs don’t have any loyalty anymore.  

The reality is that colleges are shutting down their computer science programs because the lack of students while at the same time we live a shortage of resources that will soon be catastrophic for our economy.  Go figure!

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