Windows 8.1 on the big screen with Netgear Push2TV

After reading a few articles about Windows 8.1 support for Miracast for mirroring a device display to a big screen TV, I decided to order Netgear's Push2TV PTV3000 and test it with my Windows 8.1 devices.  What's Miracast?

Ultimately, Miracast is just a wireless way to duplicate or extend your PC's display ... literally, the wireless version of an HDMI cable.

The first thing you must do before using the Push2TV device, and the documentation is very clear about that, is a firmware upgrade.  The instructions were clear and the upgrade went very smoothly.  I then testing it with a Surface 2 and a Surface 2 Pro and both worked like a charm.  There's a little bit of lag (and that understandable) but it's very tolerable.  I then tested my wife's Dell Venue 8 Pro and while it was able to connect, the only mode possible was Extend and on a small tablet, this is useless.  However there were some Dell system updates waiting to be installed so I installed them and tested again.  Bingo!  This time duplicating the screen worked.

How was amazed at how small the Netgear device is.  It's smaller then a deck of cards!


Connecting is almost as simple as connecting to a projector.  Open the Windows charms and select Devices and Project.

Click on Add a wireless display and select the Miracast device.

The device will display a security code.

You only have to enter the code once.

For more info:
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