Visual Studio Android emulator setup failing

On one of my machines, I couldn't install the latest Visual Studio Android emulators.  I tried launching the update from Visual Studio 2015 or from the Microsoft Website but each time, vs_emulatorsetup.exe would stop but not freeze.

After killing the process and rebooting, vs_emulatorsetup.exe would restart automatically displaying this error:

The full source path being: C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{CD422A3A-1A78-42A4-83C1-A89BD878269B}v1.0.50925.1\

WARNING: backup your registry before messing around with it

Friends at Microsoft suggested clearing my browser cache and uninstalling the previous version.  Nah, no good.  The conclusion was that there was a problem with my machine.  Oh great!  So I applied brute force...I grabbed the GUID, opened RegEdit, searched for the GUID and deleted all entries with it.  I then launched vs_emulatorsetup.exe and got to the same point.  Grrr!

I then applied more force.  This time, I searched for the version number (1.0.50925.1) and got more results.  I deleted all these entries, started the installer and bingo!  It worked!

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