Microsoft IoT Grove Kit (Azure Certified)

If you're interested in getting started with IoT, here's an interesting new kit from Seeed: the Microsoft IoT Grove Kit.

Note that this kit DOES NOT include the Raspberry Pi board. You have to purchase it separately.  Also, I haven't used it personally.

Here's the product description:

Building an IoT project on your Raspberry Pi has never been an easy task for many developers. This is due to the messy hardware connections involved, and complicated software programming. Seeed and Microsoft have worked together to alleviate some of these challenges by introducing the Microsoft IoT Grove Kit.

The GrovePi+ cape included in the kit is fully compatible with your Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi 2 that both run Windows 10 IoT Core. With the easy-to-use Grove system, you are now able to connect up to 15 Grove modules to your Raspberry Pi simply through the Grove interfaces on the GrovePi+.

In addition to the high performance sensors and actuators, the kit contains a 5 inch HDMI Display and a RGB LCD with a backlight. The Microsoft IoT Grove Kit is a powerful platform on which to begin your exploration on the Internet of Things.

In other words, the kit uses the Grove system and comes with a board called the GrovePi+ that connects to a RaspberryPi.  From there, you connect the sensors to the GrovePi+ with the provided cables.

The kit includes a 800x480 touchscreen that you connect with and HDMI cable.  A USB cable is needed for the touch capabilities.

There's a C# driver library available on Github and as a Nuget package.  Here's the code reading from the temperature sensor and displaying the info on the LCD display:

using GrovePi;
using GrovePi.Sensors;

var tmp = DeviceFactory.Build.TemperatureAndHumiditySensor(Pin.DigitalPin3, Model.Dht11).TemperatureInCelsius();
var temperature = "temp: " + tmp.ToString("F2") + "C";
DeviceFactory.Build.RgbLcdDisplay().SetText(temperature).SetBacklightRgb(0, 255, 255);

If you're starting with Windows Core IoT development, you may want to download issue 48 of the free MagPi Magazine that has tons of Windows 10 Core IoT content.

Now for the "Azure Certified" part, I have absolutely no clue on why this kit is certified to work with Azure.

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