Azure IoT Suite - Reducing costs demoing the Remote Monitoring Solution

I have presented the Azure IoT Suite Remote Monitoring solution at user groups a few times and at each occasion, I try to create the solution just before the talk and delete it right after because this thing eats more Azure credits than a Kardashian on a shopping spree in Beverly Hills!  The reason it cost so much to run is that it use high scale instances of IoT Hub and App Service and for demos, that's not really needed.  The solution is quite simple, scale down these services!

In the portal, locate the resource group associated with the Remote Monitoring solution and services you want to scale down:

Scale the IoT Hub service from S2 to S1: 

Next, scale down both App Service plans to B1:

And finally, scale both App Service plans from 2 instances to 1:

That's it!  You may also want to stop the simulated devices from sending messages when not needed.

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