Guy Barrette

Freelance developer and Azure MVP in Montreal, Canada

Microsoft Grove IoT Starter Kit: Available now in Canada!

Good news!  The Microsoft Grove IoT Starter Kit is now available in Canada from the Microsoft Store for $150 CDN with free shipping.  Previously, you had to order it directly from Seeed in China for $150 USD + shipping. [EDIT 2016/10/15] I ordered the kit on the 201610/12, received it


Take an hour to watch this thought provoking talk by Hadi Hariri about the silver bullet myth and churn in our industry: [youtube:3wyd6J3yjcs] And if you want more, listen to Uncle Bob on DotNetRocks.

Microsoft IoT Grove Kit (Azure Certified)

If you're interested in getting started with IoT, here's an interesting new kit from Seeed: the Microsoft IoT Grove Kit. Note that this kit DOES NOT include the Raspberry Pi board. You have to purchase it separately.  Also, I haven't used it personally. Here's the product description: Bu

UWP Community Toolkit 1.0

Microsoft announced a cool new open-source toolkit for UWP apps called the UWP Community Toolkit.  The toolkit includes helper functions, custom controls and app services.  There's even a sample app that you can install to easily preview the toolkit capabilities.