Guy Barrette

Trainer at Kubernetes Academy Online, Microsoft Azure MVP, based in Montreal, Canada

Visual Studio Talk Show - Blazor

Nous discutons avec Bruno Barrette de Blazor, un framework web open source développé par Microsoft et permettant de créer des applications web en C#. Abonnez-vous depuis votre application d'écoute préférée:        

Visual Studio Talk Show - App Service sur Azure ARC

Nous discutons avec Hinault Donfack d'une nouvelle fonctionnalité de Azure ARC permettant de déployer les services App Service, Azure Functions et Logic Apps dans un cluster Kubernetes local et en muti-cloud sur AWS par exemple.  Ceci permet de déployer localement des appli

Docker Desktop using WSL - High Disk Usage Solved!

Recently, my laptop was behaving strangely, the fans would start spinning loudly maybe an hour after booting up.  I noticed that the Vmmem process was pinning one of my cores so I stopped WSL by typing: wsl --shutdown and everything came back to normal however, the problem would come back after

Passed the Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate (KCNA) exam

At the last KubeCon, the CNCF announced a new exam called Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate (KCNA). This is an entry-level exam in the spirit of the AWS Cloud Practitioner, Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer, and Azure Fundamentals exams. The choice of KCNA as an acronym is somewhat stra