Guy Barrette

Freelance developer and Azure MVP in Montreal, Canada

Bricked Nokia Lumia 900

  I have a bricked Nokia Lumai 900 and I'm not happy about that.  Problems happened after the phone software was updated.  I powered off the computer and the phone and in the morning, the battery was totally drained and it’s just impossible to recover from a drained batter

Canadian Tour: Windows 8 Hackathon!

Microsoft will tour Canada this summer with its App Building with Windows 8 Hackathon!, a free full day trainaing for developers where you will: Spend 8 hours (see what we did there!) with other developers and designers learning about creating apps based on mini-scenarios from Microsoft evange

Wireless issues with my iPad

I upgraded my router to a D-Link DIR-857 yesterday.  Setup went smoothly but I had an issue with my iPad.  For some strange reason, I could browse the Intertube in Safari but no app would connect.  Turns out that the issue was that I selected WPA2 as the WPA mode.  Selecting

Moving my blog to Azure Virtual Machines

I was using, an "el cheapo" $5/month hoster to host my Website and my blog. They were hacked a few weeks ago and got back online but last week, they simply shut down with no warning at all so I decided to move my stuff to Azure. My Website is very simple, it's a static one page busin

New Azure data centers

Microsoft recently announced the addition of two new data centers in the USA: West US and East US. Here's the complete Azure data centers list: Asia: East (Hong Kong) and Southeast (Singapore) Europe: North (Netherlands) and West (Ireland) United States: North Central (Illinois), South Central (Tex