Guy Barrette

Freelance developer and Azure MVP in Montreal, Canada

New Azure data centers

Microsoft recently announced the addition of two new data centers in the USA: West US and East US. Here's the complete Azure data centers list: Asia: East (Hong Kong) and Southeast (Singapore) Europe: North (Netherlands) and West (Ireland) United States: North Central (Illinois), South Central (Tex

Free Office 365 eBook

Microsoft is offering Microsoft Office 365: Connect and Collaborate Virtually Anywhere, Anytime (ISBN 9780735656949), by Katherine Murray, as a free eBook in PDF, EPUB and MOBI.  More info here  

Visual Studio 2010 - only a dead snail is slower

At my current client, I'm using Visual Studio 2010 inside a VM and the overall experience was, well...excruciating.  Turns out that VS uses the GPU to help rendering the designers, IntelliSense, etc.  Well, since a VM provides a software video card, the result is a painfully slow expe

Syncfusion offers free Metro style icons

Syncfusion if offering a free icon editor that let you customize 600+ Metro style royalty free icons.  What's cool is that the editor can export in JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, ICO and XAML Browse the library and download the tool here. [youtube:R56wcghyggI]        

Microsoft Canada's Windows 8 Camp

A Windows 8 Camp is a free, two-day event. During the Camp, you’ll discover HANDS-ON how to build your first Metro Style App for Windows 8. You’ll learn from experts in a low-key, interactive way and apply what you’ve learned with support from Microsoft Canada. How do I register?Re

GesturePak for Kinect

Carl Franklin of .NET Rocks fame just released a cool tool called GesturePak for Kinect along with a full dnrTV episode demonstrating the use of the tool.  So what's GesturePak?  It's a Kinect gesture recorder that come with a class that you can use in your apps to make them Kinect aw