Guy Barrette

Freelance developer and Azure MVP in Montreal, Canada

Xamarin DevDays 2017 - Azure Mobile Apps slide deck

Here's the slide deck for session #3 at the Xamarin DevDays 2017 in Montreal on Saturday, June 17 2017.  I spoke about how to create a backend for mobile apps using Azure Mobile Apps. Xamarin Dev Days 2017 - Connected & disconnected apps with Azure Mobile Apps from Guy Barrette

Obfuscating Azure secrets while presenting or recording

If you've been presenting or recording presentations about Azure, you may have tried to hide keys, subscription IDs and other secrets from your audience.  It's not that easy, especially when these secrets move along the tiles in the Azure portal.  I finally found a couple of extensions&nbs

Visual Studio Talk Show - TypeScript

Nous discutons avec Mathieu Richard du langage TypeScript, un langage de programmation libre et open-source développé par Microsoft qui a pour but d'améliorer et de sécuriser la production de code JavaScript. Développeur chez GSoft , Mathieu Richard est un passionn

Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 Montreal - Slide Deck

Here's the deck we used for the Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 Montreal that took place on Saturday, April 22, 2017.  We did an intro to Azure development and I presented how to use the Text Analytics API that is part of the Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs.  It was a full day of fun live cod

Easy data generation with Faker.Data

I was tasked to generate a million dummy customer records in CSV files to test the import process of a service that my client uses.  I wanted to add some randomness in the data and a quick search led me to Faker.Data, a simple C# library available on GitHub that generates all kind of fake data

Surface Dial: How it works?

If you're been curious about how the Surface Dial works, the Microsoft Mechanics have published a nice video explaining how the Dial works.  Cool little puck! [youtube:JzqLCIwIJYQ]