Guy Barrette

Freelance developer and Azure MVP in Montreal, Canada

Free online Azure training

Microsoft is now offering a series of free online courses focusing on Azure.  Here's the current list: Azure Fundamentals Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks Microsoft Azure Identity Microsoft Azure Storage Microsoft Azure for AWS Experts Automating Azure Workload

Don't miss Connect(); 2016

Just came back from the MVP Summit and the only thing I can say is that you don't want to miss Connect(); 2016, a free online event that will take place on Nov 16-18, 2016.

Visual Studio Talk Show - Azure Functions

Nous discutons avec Stéphane Lapointe des Azure Functions. Les fonctions Azure permettent le déploiement de traitements (codes) pilotées par des événements sans serveur. C’est une nouvelle offre qui étend la plateforme Azure App Service existante. Ces

Microsoft Grove IoT Starter Kit: Available now in Canada!

Good news!  The Microsoft Grove IoT Starter Kit is now available in Canada from the Microsoft Store for $150 CDN with free shipping.  Previously, you had to order it directly from Seeed in China for $150 USD + shipping. [EDIT 2016/10/15] I ordered the kit on the 201610/12, received it