How I nailed the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam

There's no shortage of blog/reddit/videos posts that explain how to prepare yourself for the AWS Certified Practitioner exam but since I got an excellent score on my exam (934/1000), I thought I'd also share how I prepped. Having a strong Azure background, getting up and running on AWS was very

Well-Architected Guidance on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

Each major cloud provider has published a set of architectural guidance documents that provide tons of useful information on how to build cloud infrastructures and applications on their platforms.   Here are each provider's pillars: Azure (link)Cost Optimization, Operational Excellence, P

Public Cloud Services Comparison

When working with multiple cloud providers, sometimes you just want to know the name of an equivalent service in that other cloud provider. is a simple site that lists the various cloud providers services and provide links to get more info but unlike the URL name implies, the s

Pulumi Challenge

If you're interested to learn Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Pulumi, check their Pulumin Challenge where you'll deploy a Web app to Amazon S3 and configure CloudFront using Pulumi with Typescript. You only need a free Pulumi account, the Pulumi CLI, and an AWS account. While the step-by-step ins