.NET Core on Docker Roadmap

Richard Lander, Program Manager on the .NET Team, has published a .NET Core on Docker roadmap.  Here are a few key points taken from his post: We are now hardening the runtime to make it container-aware and function efficiently in low-memory environments. With .NET Core 3.0, we found ways to s

Visual Studio Talk Show - Kubernetes

Formule spéciale!  Guy est l'invité et Éric Côté, premier co-animateur de l'émission à ses début, est le co-animateur invité! Nous discutons avec Guy de Kubernetes afin d'essayer de comprendre la raison de l'engouement sur ce produit

Docker new policy: 6 month image retention limit

Docker has changed it's terms of service and introduced a 6 month image retention limit on inactive images. Here's an excerpt from the email that Docker sent to all users: The updated Docker Terms of Services will take effect immediately. If you continue to use our products and services, you are agr

Making sense of the Docker Hub pull rate limits

I was confused about the pull rate limits that Docker recently enforced on Docker Hub.  Turns out that it's not complicated at all.  In a nutshell: Unauthenticated users get 100 pulls in a 6-hour sliding window. Authenticated users with a free Docker account get 200 pulls in a 6-hour slid

gRPC Load Balancing in Kubernetes with Linkerd

With gRPC being more and more popular, it's interesting to understand the impact of long-lived HTTP/2 calls on load balancing techniques in Kubernetes. In this article, William Morgan explains how Linkerd is able to load balance gRPC calls.

Kubernetes deprecating Docker: Should you panic?

Tl;dr: No, it does not change a thing for you.  Go back to coding, developing, configuring, monitoring, managing or whatever you where doing. Longer story You may have heard that Kubernetes is deprecating Docker.  This information came from the Kubernetes 1.20.0 changelog. "Docker support