Visual Studio Talk Show - Kubernetes

Formule spéciale!  Guy est l'invité et Éric Côté, premier co-animateur de l'émission à ses début, est le co-animateur invité! Nous discutons avec Guy de Kubernetes afin d'essayer de comprendre la raison de l'engouement sur ce produit

Azure Kubernetes Service - New configuration options

There are a few new options for configuring your Azure Kubernetes Service cluster that are currently in preview. The first one let you select Ubuntu 18.04 as the OS version, the default being 16.04. The second one let you select containerd as the container runtime, the default being Moby. The third

WSL prompt: How to display your current Kubernetes context

In a previous post, I explained how to display the current Kubernetes context on the command prompt by setting  Powerline in Powershell.  If you installed WSL and a Linux distro like Ubuntu, you might also want to do that. If not already done, install the Windows Terminal and a font that

Cloud Architecture Diagrams using CloudSkew

Recently, Roy Kim published a blog post explaining some database patterns with Azure Kubernetes Server and SQL Dababase.  I really liked the diagrams he made so I asked him what software was he using to create them.  To my surprise, he said he's simply using PowerPoint.  Here's a samp

Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure: Kubernetes

The Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure is a series of documents guiding you in your cloud adoption journey. In the Adopt section, you will find a series of Kubernetes specific documents divided in three subsections: Application development and deployment Cluster design and operations Cluster and a