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Surface Dial: How it works?

If you're been curious about how the Surface Dial works, the Microsoft Mechanics have published a nice video explaining how the Dial works.  Cool little puck! [youtube:JzqLCIwIJYQ]

No Wi-Fi after Windows 10 1511 update - Solved

After updating my Dellasaurus to Windows 10 1511, I couldn't connect to my Wi-Fi network.  This box is a dev machine with some funky network switches and bridges that are beyond my basic networking skills.  The error message was that some network protocols were not installed on my machine.

Nested Virtualization

Windows build 10565 contains an interested feature: nested virtualization.  This allow you to run Hyper-V in a VM, paving the way containers.  

Burning Windows IoT Core from a VM

If you want to burn Windows IoT Core on a microSD card to using with a Raspberry Pi 2, Microsoft states that you must do it using the WindowsIoImageHelper utility from a physical machine running Windows 10.  But what if you haven't installed Windows 10 on a physical PC yet?  Here's the tri

Microsoft October 6 hardware event

  Microsoft will announce on October 6, 2015 a series of new Windows 10 devices.  In the meantime, Windows Central's Daniel Rubino writes about the rumours and the expected devices like: Surface Pro 4 12-inch and 14-inch Lunia 950 and 950 XL Continuum dock Band 2 ProClear speaker Windows