NativeScript vs Xamarin

I haven't had the time to play with Telerik's NativeScript yet and I was thinking it was something similar to Cordova where the app is coded in HTML/JavaScript and rendered in a web view.  Boy was I wrong!  What shed a light on this was Telerik's Burke Holland's NativeScript And Xamar

Xamarin Dev Days coming to Montreal

Xamarin Dev Days is coming to Montreal on Saturday September 24th 2016. Xamarin Dev Days provide attendees with an intense, hands-on learning experience. Spend the morning exploring mobile development with sessions from Xamarin, our technology partners, and members of your local developer community

Moto X Play

I recently switched to a Moto X Play and so far, I'm very pleased.  The 5.5" form factor is perfect for me and the device is not too big and not too small.  It's not a flagship phone but it has enough good features to be worthwhile. For me, the 3630 mAh battery is the killer feature.

Using MvvmCross with Xamarin.Forms

So far I used Laurent Bugnion's MVVM Light with my Xamarin.Forms apps,  I was looking at MvvmCross when I found Brent Edwards' "A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO CREATING A XAMARIN.FORMS APP WITH MVVMCROSS" 5 part series.  To bookmark!