Meltdown and Spectre information

  Here's a quick list of resources I gathered following today's CPU vulnerabilities announcement: The Register article Plain and simple explanation Google statement Azure statement AWS statement Microsoft security update KB4056890 Microsoft changes to IE and Edge Windows Client Guida

Xbox One - how to fix a sluggish UI

The UI of my Xbox One got very sluggish and it was a pain to use.  Games were running fine but moving from tile to tile and menu to menu was tremendously slow.  A quick search on the InterTubes led me to this solution: Clear the Blu-ray cacheSelect Settings/All Settings/Disc &


Take an hour to watch this thought provoking talk by Hadi Hariri about the silver bullet myth and churn in our industry: [youtube:3wyd6J3yjcs] And if you want more, listen to Uncle Bob on DotNetRocks.

Anker LED Desk Lamp

Gadget time! I was looking to change my desk lamp because it was too bulky and the halogen bulb was generating way too much heat.  While browsing, I found that Anker was selling an LED desk lamp.  Having previously bough a fantastic USB charger form them, I was intrigued and bought one. &n

My experience installing Office 2016

Office 2016 was released today and like all major Microsoft product, I usually can't wait to install the new stuff so I downloaded the ISO from MSDN and launched the installer by double clicking on setup.exe expecting: That I will be giving a choice to upgrade my current Office 2013 installation Th

720p recording on a MacBook Air

For a training project, I had to produce a 1280x720p video on my MacBook Air.  That should be easy ;-) So I bought and installed TechSmith's Camtasia Mac, did a test video and quickly found that exporting to 1280x720p resulted in blurry videos because Camtasia had to scale the screen from the n