In my previous post, I explained how I created a Chocolatey package for the DigitalOcean doctl CLI.  I also created one for the Linkerd CLI.  Linkerd is a very popular service mesh for Kubernetes.

There's a small difference in the chocolateyinstall.ps1 file compared to the one I used for doctl because the Linkerd tool is provided as an EXE, not a ZIP file so I used the Get-ChocolateyWebFile command to download it from Github and rename to linkerd.exe in one shot.

Get-ChocolateyWebFile -PackageName "Linkerd2" -FileFullPath "$toolsDir\linkerd.exe" -Url $url -checksum64 $checksum64 -checksumType64 $checksumType64

 Here's the link for the package:

The code is on GitHub:

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