Recently, my laptop was behaving strangely, the fans would start spinning loudly maybe an hour after booting up.  I noticed that the Vmmem process was pinning one of my cores so I stopped WSL by typing:

wsl --shutdown

and everything came back to normal however, the problem would come back after restarting WSL. I then noticed that when the core was pinned, the disk usage of my C drive was also pinned to 100%. Yikes! 

After trying different things (resetting K8s, reinstalling Docker Desktop), I found the culprit. In Docker Desktop, if I disabled Kubernetes, the disk usage came back to normal.  Yikes! I need that feature so what can I do to solve this?

After a few experiments, I changed the WSL settings in my C:\Users\[username]\.wslconfig file from this:


to this:


Basically, allocating more resources to WSL, and guess what? It solved the issue.

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