Docker has changed it's terms of service and introduced a 6 month image retention limit on inactive images.

Here's an excerpt from the email that Docker sent to all users:

The updated Docker Terms of Services will take effect immediately. If you continue to use our products and services, you are agreeing to the updated Docker Terms of Service. 

Related to this update, Docker is introducing a container image retention policy which will be enforced starting November 1, 2020. The container image retention policy will apply to the following plans: 

• Free plans will have a 6 month image retention limit
• Pro and Team plans will have unlimited image retention


Docker has also created a detailed FAQ page that details the change.

Here's an excerpt from the FAQ:

What is a container image retention limit and how does it affect my account?
Image retention is based on the activity of each individual image stored within a user account. If an image has not either been pulled or pushed in the amount of time specified in your subscription plan, the image will be tagged “inactive.” Any images that are tagged as “inactive” will be scheduled for deletion. Only accounts that are on the Free individual or organization plans will be subject to image retention limits. A new dashboard will also be available in Docker Hub that offers the ability to view the status of all of your container images.

What is an “inactive” image?
An inactive image is a container image that has not been either pushed or pulled from the image repository in 6 or months.

How can I get unlimited retention on my container images?
Image retention limits only apply to Free individual and organization accounts. Users with Pro or Team accounts are not subject to retention limits. If you have a Free account, you can easily upgrade to a Pro or Team account starting at $5 per month with an annual plan. For more information go to:


It's possible to see when an image was last pushed but I don't think Docker displays when it was last pulled.  I guess a little script to pull all my images on a monthly basis is now required 🤔



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