Looking to download some content from Ignite 2019?  Here's a quick way to do that with a PowerShell script available here: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Ignite-2016-Slidedeck-and-296df316

  • Simply download the script
  • Launch PowerShell
  • Unblock the script typing: 
Unblock-file .\Get-EventSession.ps1​
  • Run the script applying filters


Here are a few examples:

List all the sessions that have the Kubernetes keyword attached to them

.\Get-EventSession.ps1 -InfoOnly -Keyword 'Kubernetes' -Event Ignite

Download all the slidedecks for sessions with the Azure keyword

.\Get-EventSession.ps1 -NoVideos -Event Ignite -Keyword "azure" -DownloadFolder "c:\Ignite2019"

Download the BRK4006 session content (slides and video) with the best video quality available

.\Get-EventSession.ps1 -ScheduleCode BRK4006 -Event Ignite -Format best/bestvideo+bestaudio -DownloadFolder "c:\Ignite2019"


Happy learning!