We had lots of fun creating the content for the Montreal Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 edition.  Our theme this year was "Life after initial deployment" and was a nice intro to the DevOps world.  Here's the agenda:

  1.  Provision Log Analytics: Deploy Log Analytics artifacts using an ARM template that we'll use throughout the day using the Azure Portal.
  2. Provision the environment: Deploy base artifacts using an ARM template that we'll use throughout the day using the Azure Portal.
  3. Application Insights 1: Learn how to use Application Insight to find problems in a running solution.
  4. Log Analytics: Configuring Key Vault Analytics solution and creating alerts.
  5. Azure Security Center: Turning Recommendations to Resolutions in order to better secure VM's.
  6. App Service: How to configure remote debugging for Web Apps & Visual Studio 2017 and how to edit in production.
  7. Application Insights 2: How to enable exception snapshot, App profiling and Snapshot debugger (optional)
  8. Azure Monitor: Explore monitoring and troubleshooting with Azure Monitor.
  9. ARM Governance: Learn how to use and configure Azure policies

Once again, the source code, the PowerPoint decks and the step-by-step instructions are available on MSDEVMTL's GitHub.  Feel free to reuse, modify and deliver this content.

Here I am talking about configuring remote debugging:

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