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Guy Barrette

Trainer at Kubernetes Academy Microsoft Azure MVP based in Montreal, Canada

WSL prompt: How to display your current Kubernetes context

In a previous post, I explained how to display the current Kubernetes context on the command prompt by setting  Powerline in Powershell.  If you installed WSL and a Linux distro like Ubuntu, you might also want to do that. If not already done, install the Windows Terminal and a font that

Azure Kubernetes Service - New configuration options

There are a few new options for configuring your Azure Kubernetes Service cluster that are currently in preview. The first one let you select Ubuntu 18.04 as the OS version, the default being 16.04. The second one let you select containerd as the container runtime, the default being Moby. The third

Microsoft Teams crashes fixes

I just finished teaching a 3-day class using Microsoft Teams.  On day 1 and 2, Teams crashed spectacularly taking down the video card driver with it.  For about 30 seconds, my laptop screen was totally blank until Windows restarted the driver.  Ouch! A quick search on the Intertube&nb

Visual Studio Talk Show - Team Topologies

Nous discutons avec Karol Deland des principes d'organisation des équipes pour une mise en place efficace du DevOps, le point de départ étant le livre Team Topologies: Organizing Business and Technology Teams for Fast Flow. Karol est passionné par l'architecture logiciell

Chocolatey package for Linkerd2

In my previous post, I explained how I created a Chocolatey package for the DigitalOcean doctl CLI.  I also created one for the Linkerd CLI.  Linkerd is a very popular service mesh for Kubernetes. There's a small difference in the chocolateyinstall.ps1 file compared to the one I used

Creating a Chocolatey package for the DigitalOcean doctl CLI

For my 2-day Docker and Kubernetes virtual classes, I use DigitalOcean as the cloud provider because it's very easy to use and I can provide my students with a $100 usage credits using a referrer link.  I provide them with a list of software to install, most installable on Windows using the Cho

Windows Terminal: Adding an Open Here shortcut

I wish that Windows Terminal had a right-click shortcut in Explorer to open an instance in the current folder.  Turn out that adding one is very simple.  You simply need to add some keys in the Registry. Copy/Paste the following keys and save them in a .reg file. Replace the USERNAME place

Visual Studio Talk Show - La platforme Power Apps

Nous discutons avec Luc Labelle de Power Apps, une platforme de développement permettant aux utilisateurs de développer des applications d'affaire sans code. Luc Labelle cumule plus de treize (13) années d’expérience dans le domaine des technologies de l’infor