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Guy Barrette

Trainer at Kubernetes Academy Microsoft Azure MVP based in Montreal, Canada

Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure: Kubernetes

The Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure is a series of documents guiding you in your cloud adoption journey. In the Adopt section, you will find a series of Kubernetes specific documents divided in three subsections: Application development and deployment Cluster design and operations Cluster and a

Visual Studio Talk Show: Objectives and Key Results

Nous discutons avec Louis David Noel des OKRs (Objectives and key results), un cadre de fixation d'objectifs pour définir et suivre des bénéfices mesurables. Louis-David est spécialiste de l’expérience utilisateur et de la conception d’interfaces. Son e

Cool Tech Badges for GitHub and more

Check out these cool tech badges that Mike James created and published on GitHub.  You can use them in your GitHub profile page, blog or any page. Here's a screenshot of his GitHub profile page:

Using Auth0 and OpenID Connect on Azure App Service

Last time I checked, setting multiple authentication providers was not possible on Azure App Service so I was very happy when I saw that the OpenID Connect provider (preview) can allow integration of 3rd party services like Auth0. Auth0's Sandrino Di Mattia posted the detailed step-by-step inst

Accessing the hidden Advanced Webcam Settings dialog

When teaching a class, I need to zoom in the picture of my Logitech C920 webcam so I can frame my green screen correctly.  To do that, I use the Advanced Webcam Settings dialog. This is an handy but not all software allow you to display that dialog.  Grrrr! Here's an easy way to display i

Splitting the Windows Terminal into multiple panes

While you can open multiple tabs with the Windows Terminal or create multiple instances and tile them, sometimes it's a lot easier to have multiple panes visible at the same time and in the same window. Windows Terminal makes it super easy to to do and if you installed WSL and a Linux distro, you si

Cloud Architecture Diagrams using

Following my previous post about creating cloud architecture diagrams using CloudSkew, François Pelletier suggested on LinkedIn another app: This one is fully open source, comes with icons for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, has a Web based UI and also a desktop version.  Note

Cloud Architecture Diagrams using CloudSkew

Recently, Roy Kim published a blog post explaining some database patterns with Azure Kubernetes Server and SQL Dababase.  I really liked the diagrams he made so I asked him what software was he using to create them.  To my surprise, he said he's simply using PowerPoint.  Here's a samp