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Guy Barrette

Trainer at Kubernetes Academy, Microsoft Azure MVP, based in Montreal, Canada

Visual Studio Talk Show: Zone to Win

Nous discutons avec Patrick Bélanger du livre ‘Zone to Win: Organizing to Compete in an Age of Disruption’. Amoureux des technologies logicielles de pointe, Patrick Bélanger transmet son savoir et son expertise sans cacher la passion qui l’anime. VP Développeme

Visual Studio Talk Show: Developer Velocity

Nous discutons avec Alexandre Brisebois du concept de Developer Velocity, une série de métriques permettant d'outiller les développeurs pour leur permettre de générer des résultats.  En fait, la description anglaise est une définition plus exacte

Azure AKS - Stop and Start (Preview)

For testing and demoing, I create AKS clusters that will live just for a few minutes up to a day and I always wanted some kind of feature where I would be able to pause a cluster instead of deleting it to stop compute charges.  Microsoft finally added a way to stop and start AKS clusters with t

Automating Let's Encrypt certificates on Azure App Service

Certificates are a pain.  App Service provides a way to get a free cert using the App Service Managed Certificate but the down side is that it does not support naked/apex domains (without a prefix like www). This morning I saw a tweet from Jeff Hollan saying that he uses Tatsuro Shibamura's App

Public Cloud Services Comparison

When working with multiple cloud providers, sometimes you just want to know the name of an equivalent service in that other cloud provider. is a simple site that lists the various cloud providers services and provide links to get more info but unlike the URL name implies, the s

Docker new policy: 6 month image retention limit

Docker has changed it's terms of service and introduced a 6 month image retention limit on inactive images. Here's an excerpt from the email that Docker sent to all users: The updated Docker Terms of Services will take effect immediately. If you continue to use our products and services, you are agr

Well-Architected Guidance on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

Each major cloud provider has published a set of architectural guidance documents that provide tons of useful information on how to build cloud infrastructures and applications on their platforms.   Here are each provider's pillars: Azure (link)Cost Optimization, Operational Excellence, P