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Guy Barrette

Trainer at Kubernetes Academy Canada, Azure Academy Canada and Azure MVP based in Montreal, Canada

Azure Storage Emulator being discontinued

What a shock this morning when I realized that Microsoft decided to discontinue the Azure Storage Emulator (read this bug report for more info).  Grrrr!  The emulator is a useful tool for doing local testing and debugging before switching to the real stuff on Azure. So here's the state of

Visual Studio Talk Show - La plateforme UNO

Nous discutons avec Jérôme Laban de la platefome UNO, crée à Montréal par nVentive et qui permet de déployer des applications XAML/C# sur Windows 10, dans le fureteurs avec WebAssembly et sur iOS et Android. Jérôme Laban programme professionnelle

The Coding Academy Team

Meet the 3 Coding Academy trainers: Laurent Duveau, Eric Coté and me, Guy Barrette.  We met for our annual Summer lunch in the beautiful Old Montreal. Laurent offers Angular and Vue training via Angular Academy and Vue Academy. Eric offers React training via React Academy.  Be

Demystifying Cloud Computing - New course for I.T. managers

Most of the Cloud related courses are targeted at developers or I.T. Pros but what about I.T. managers (development/infrastructure)?  Not much is available but it's important for them to have a clear understanding of the possibilities and how to plan the journey to the Cloud.  I created th

Azure Heat Map - Must bookmark Website!

I came across Azure Heat Map, a Website built by Alexey Polkovnikov from Microsoft, that scrapes data from Azure sites and displays it in meaningful ways.  This is not an official Microsoft Website but it's so good, you might end up using it as your default home page! The main page gives you Az

Replacing an M.2 SSD laptop drive

I needed to get more data storage on my laptop but how do you clone an M.2 SSD disk when your laptop has only one connector?  I wasn't aware that M.2 external enclosures existed but they do and the process is as simple as any other hard drive external enclosure. First thing first, M.2 disks are

Visual Studio Talk Show: VueJS

Nous discutons avec Laurent Duveau de Vue.js (aussi appelé plus simplement Vue), un framework JavaScript open-source utilisé pour construire des interfaces utilisateur. Passionné par les technologies web et mobiles depuis maintenant 22 ans, Laurent est toujours à l'affut