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Guy Barrette

Freelance developer and Azure MVP in Montreal, Canada

Free Cosmos DB eBook

Microsoft is giving away free eBook copies of Guide to NoSQL with Azure Cosmos DB published by Packt in September 2018. Here's the table of content: INTRODUCTION TO NOSQL IN COSMOS DB GETTING STARTED WITH COSMOS DB DEVELOPMENT AND NOSQL DOCUMENT DATABASES WRITING AND RUNNING QUERIES ON N

Visual Studio Talk Show: Azure DevOps

Nous discutons avec Michel Perfetti de Azure DevOps, une suite d'outils pour l'industrialisation du développement logiciel visant n'importe quelle plate-forme ou langage. Cette suite est composée des outils suivants : Boards pour la gestion des items de travail avec des tableaux Kanba

Visual Studio Talk Show: Programmer avec le SDK de Fitbit

Nous discutons avec Frédéric Harper de la programmation des montres Fitbit avec JavaScript, CSS, SVG et le SDK FitBit. As a Senior Developer Evangelist at Fitbit, Frédéric Harper is sharing his passion for technology and helping developers being successful. Former Microso

Visual Studio Talk Show: Rubberduck VBA

Nous discutons avec Mathieu Guindon de la programmation avec Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), le langage qu'on retrouve dans la suite Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, ...).  Plus particulièrement du projet Rubberduck VBA qu'il co-dirige sur GitHub et qui vise à amé

Beware of fake memory cards on Amazon

Dear Amazon, sometimes you suck.  There must be a way for you to detect products sold by vendors at astonishingly low prices because if it happens, it's probably because there's a scam.  Take for example this 256GB memory card selling at $9 while the one right beside it sells at $117.25.&n

Shut up loud desktop! Replacing a CPU fan and a Power Supply

I have an old and faithful Dell XPS Studio desktop that I use as my main PC.  I bought it when the first gen i7 came out and I use it for non development tasks.  Over the years, I replaced the drives with SSDs, added Bluetooth and USB 3.  To be honest, I don't see why I would ret

Surface Dock Updater

Your Surface gets a firmware update from time to time but do you know that you can also update the firmware of your Surface Dock?  Yep, that little puppy also requires firmware love from time to time and the process is quite easy.  Simply download the updater from Microsoft's Web