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Guy Barrette

Trainer at Azure Academy Canada and Azure MVP in Montreal, Canada

Running Azure CLI in Bash issue

When trying to use the Azure CLI in Bash, the az command wouldn't work so I had to use az.cmd instead.  One solution I found is taken from this StackOverflow question.  You simply need to create a symbolic link to az.cmd. mklink "%SYSTEMROOT%\az" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Azur

AppDB Studio: new SQL Management Studio extension

Yesterday at the Montreal Data Platform user group, Etienne Thouin launched and presented a brand new product called AppDB.Studio 2019.  It's an extension to Microsoft's SQL Server Management Studio that helps DBAs and developers create and maintain databases by generating clean T-SQL code acco

Visual Studio Talk Show: Azure Durable Functions

Nous discutons des Azure Durables Functions avec Maxime Rouiller, Cloud Developer Advocate chez Microsoft.  Les fonctions durables sont une extension des fonctions Azure qui permettent de garder état dans un environnement serverless. Bio anglaise:I've been in the tech industry since the

Cloud Explorer for VS 2017 Failed to update

I got bitten by a bug trying to install the latest version of the Cloud Explorer for Visual Studio 2017. Here's how to fix this: Click on the View Install log link to open the installer's log file Open the file in Notepad and search for CloudExplorer Locate the line that says failed

Visual Studio Talk Show: Azure Pipelines

Nous discutons avec Etienne Tremblay de Azure Pipelines, un service complet d'intégration continue et de déploiement continue (CI/CD). Azure Pipelines permet de déployer vers vos serveurs internes ou vers le cloud de votre choix (Azure, Amazon, Google ou autres). Etienne poss&eg

Visual Studio Talk Show: IoT

Nous discutons avec Vincent Hubert des dernières tendances de l’Internet des Objets (IoT pour Internet of Things en anglais). Passionné d'informatique depuis les Vic-20 de son enfance, Vincent possède près de 20 ans d'expérience dans différents rô

Visual Studio Talk Show: Software as a Service

Nous discutons avec Bernard Fedotoff de logiciel en tant que service ou software as a service (SaaS), un modèle d'exploitation commerciale dans lequel le logiciel est installé sur des serveurs distants sur le cloud et où le client ne paie pas une licence d'utilisation mais plut&

Camtasia 2018: issue with mp4 file

I opened a Camtasia project I haven't opened in a few months and an mp4 file included in the project wasn't displaying anything except the audio.  I converted that file from a mov file a while ago and looks like I was using a codec no longer supported by Camtasia after the latest upgrades.

Daniel Roth in Montreal: Blazor & ASP.NET Core 2.2

Daniel Roth, a Senior Program Manager on the ASP.NET team in Redmond, will be in Montreal to speak about Blazor and ASP.NET Core 2.2 at the MSDEVMTL user group on December 11, 2018. Daniel is the mind behind Blazor, an experimental .NET web framework using C#/Razor and HTML that runs in th