Office 2016 was released today and like all major Microsoft product, I usually can't wait to install the new stuff so I downloaded the ISO from MSDN and launched the installer by double clicking on setup.exe expecting:

  • That I will be giving a choice to upgrade my current Office 2013 installation
  • That I could select the products that I want (No Access in my case)
  • That I could cancel if I'd became too chicken
Fair expectations, no?  At least that was what the Office 2013 installer was giving us.  Well not at all.  After double clicking on setup.exe, the installer started installing right away!
  • No upgrade option
  • No product selection
  • No chance to cancel
 OK, so Office 2016 was installed side by side with my Office 2013.  Let's try to launch Outlook 2013.

Great!  My Outlook 2013 is now useless so let's try uninstalling 2016.

Pffff! Tidy up yourself!!!

Let's now repair 2013.

And it worked! :-)

So long Office 2016!