Very happy to say that I passed the Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer exam.

I am now certified on AWS, Azure and GCP 😀


To prep for this exam, I used Dan Sullivan's book and Udemy course.  To be honest, the included practice exam does not represent the feel of the actual exam questions at all and they are way too easy.

The official Google courses are available on Pluralsight but they are not that good and there's a lot of content overlapping.  I did not get much out of these so I'd skip them.

Google's Qwiklabs are very nice.  In each lab, you must accomplish one or more tasks with step-by-step instructions that you execute with a temp account in the real GCP console.  While most of the labs provide clear explanations, I found that some of them will just tell you to do this and that without much context but that was the exception.  The Qwiklabs are not free and the best value I found was to buy an unlimited access for a month.

Exam time

The proctor will ask you to pan the camera so that he/she have a clear view of the room and under your desk.  Using the built-in laptop camera makes this harder.  I had an external camera hooked to my laptop and was happy I did.

The exam is question based so there's no hands-on tasks to accomplish.  Take the time to read each question and each answer carefully.  It's the type of questions where they trick you with just one word so take your time, read each question at least twice, you have plenty of time.

Speaking of time, I finished the exam in just under 1 hour, way under the 2 hours limit, while taking my time and marking a couple of questions.

Best of luck!

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