In this series of AzureRocks! videos, I explore how to buy and install certificates to enable HTTPS on Azure Web Apps.  I cover different ways to achieve the same goal like buying the certificate from a reseller like NameCheap, directly in Azure or getting it free from Let's Encrypt.  I show you how to use OpenSSL from the command prompt or use simple Web UI tools like Decoder and SSLForFree and even use a third party service called CloudFlare.  The goal was to educate myself about SSL, documenting my journey and hoping it will help you.  If so, make sure to Like and Subscribe to my AzureRocks! YouTube channel and share these videos on social media.


How to configure SSL using a Comodo certificate from NameCheap

How to install OpenSSL on Windows

How to buy and configure an App Service certificate

How to get free SSL for App Service using Cloudflare

How to automate Let's Encrypt certificate installation and renewal for Web Apps

How to get and install a free Let's Encrypt wildcard certificate on a Web App using SSLForFree